Friday, October 27, 2006

weddings and walnuts

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from our wedding, courtesy of my friend Carol. Here I am with my handsome husband:

...and here is the back of my dress. The big pink bow was my favorite part, ever since I saw it on Monique Lhuillier's collections when we got engaged. Of course, the dress I wore was definitely not a Monique Lhuillier; that one cost more than my car :) I pulled a Look for Less and got the dress at David's Bridal and made the veil myself out of the last mile of illusion tulle in the fabric store. A $7000 look... for $390. Sweet.

That veil was hilarious- I thought it would be so cool to have this obnoxiously long train following behind me. What I did not take into consideration was the wind. It was 85 degrees and sunny, with a very lovely breeze to keep everyone cool- and to give the veil a mind of its own. Not only was it flying away in all of our posed pictures (I eventually took it off for the candids) but it blew up while I was walking down the aisle and got caught on someone's chair, flying completely off my head. It was so funny, but no one got a picture of it :(


Here is my only completed contribution to Socktoberfest 2006:

Yes, yes, I know- I still haven't painted my toes. I've been too busy trying to finish the socks! So these were officially finished during Season 5, episode 2 of The Sopranos.

Tomorrow I have to go return that defective Koigu to the LYS. I think what must have happened is that the end of the skein must've gotten caught on something and ripped or maybe they opened the box with a razor and cut the yarn accidentally. It seemed to be breaking at very regular intervals.

I will hopefully have pics of our Halloween costumes on Sunday. I, of course, will be dressed as my little buddy TiVo and pH will be decked out as Paulie Walnuts (from the Sopranos), complete with old man tracksuit, faux gold chains, and those bright white sections of hair: has the greatest post on The Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time. Who didn't want to dress up like Gabe Kaplan, Baretta, or a Rubik's Cube?

Remember when we were kids and if you bought the costume from the store it consisted of a plastic mask and printed plastic bag with holes cut for your head and arms? What was with that? If you wore the mask, you couldn't really see and would probably with time end up getting hit by a car. You also couldn't breathe very well and your friends would keep going, "what did you say?" because your mouth was somewhat obstructed, but for the tiny hole cut out in front of it. The thing I always found really annoying as a kid was the way they would print a picture of the character you were supposed to be on the costume. What the hell? If I'm Barbie and have on a Barbie mask and am dressed like Barbie, why put a picture of Barbie on the shirt??


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love the long veil! I wanted a train too & what sold me on my dress was the detachable train. I wasn't lucky enought to get mine for $390 (it was a Melissa Sweet) but I did luck out and not pay the $4000 retail!! EEK!

    At one point my train was caught in the wind as I came off the stairs with my dad & my photographer caught it. Lucily it didn't hit anyone AND one of the guests got a great picture of it!

    I'm glad no one was hurt!

    OH & I have a picture of my husband as a six year old dressed like a rubik's cube (with the plastic outfit)!!! I'll try to find it today! :)

  2. gorgeous pic of your dress... I like how the veil is sort of flying off sideways to show off the sash. And the halloween costumes are hilarious.