Tuesday, October 10, 2006

UFC: Happy Ending...

Uh, I mean, UFC: Final Chapter, was totally worth watching just to watch that smug douche Ed Herman get his ass kicked by a UFC newcomer. Hey Ed, I thought you said you were the best in the UFC- what happened? Karma, perhaps?

Tito Ortiz easily beat Ken Shamrock, who, thankfully retired tonight. I was so tired of watching him lose- he's a Hall of Famer- you want to see him kick ass, not get folded up against the fence and destroyed.


Check out this crazy Starbucks blog entry - people (some are baristas, some are customers) get VICIOUS debating the ethics of the "ghetto latte," which apparently is when you order an iced Americano with no water in a venti cup and then go over to the condiment bar and add like $5 worth of cream and flavorings. Starbucks has actually given their blessing to these customers, saying that customization is the essence of the Starbucks experience. *sigh* I love you Starbucks. You know how to work the price discrimination...


Here's a really freaky Burger King Commercial from Korea (I think)- do I really want to eat something that requires me to unhinge my jaw, as the background singers suggest??

Finally, if you use Yahoo as your homepage and you change your background color to pink by the end of October, Yahoo will donate $1 to the Susan Korman Breast Cancer Foundation. Make the switch!! Just go to the upper right corner where it says "page preferences" and click on the down triangle to pick your colors.


  1. If it weren't for the Hamill fight I would have wanted ken shamrock to pay for my cable bill. I could not agree more... you don't want to see someone with such a strong history lose in such a poor fashion. Why did Ken try to do a take down? He does not fight well against ortiz on the ground!

  2. If I ever get stupidly uppity over how someone makes coffee - shoot me in the head.