Saturday, October 14, 2006

oh crap...

Remember that cute little sock that I made and was about to make its mate? Well, it turns out that my 2nd ball of Koigu is DEFECTIVE. Grrr. I made the first 1" or so and then about every 18" of yarn started just snapping off. I let it go the first two times, assuming it was just a weak spot, but after two more times, clearly something was wrong. I took it back to the store this afternoon (along with my husband, who got the tour- and tattled on me that I don't ever swatch!) and they are out of my dyelot :( I bought it as a "I survived the first year of law school" gift to myself in May, but I just got to it now... The ladies who worked at the store think they each have a skein of my colorway at home, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The new dyelot is so dull. The hot pinks are almost grey, a lifeless version of what I bought previously.

I hope it works out- I would hate to have one lonely sock with no friend.

**UPDATE** The LYS called and they found my dyelot! Yay!! I won't be able to get over there till next Saturday. Hence:

To have something to work on while I wait for the Koigu, I am making the Knitty
Pedicure socks in lime green and hot pink Paton's Merino. Hopefully there will be no further Socktoberfest disasters...


  1. Oh no, how terrible!!! We will never be able to convince you that sock knitting is great if freaky things like this keep happening. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the second skein of Koigu.

  2. You know Kym, if you are like me and tend to have one foot under the covers and then one foot outside of the covers, the one-sock option may still have a viable purpose.

  3. Wow!! I'm so glad that worked out! I was sweating til I got to the update!!

    Can't wait for finished socks!!

  4. LOVE the colors of your pedicure socks. tres sex and the city.

  5. huh... that's weird. did you ever figure out what happened to that skein of Koigu?