Sunday, September 03, 2006

No way- a finished object!!??

I finally finished seaming the Hug Me Tight shrug from Lion Brand Vintage Knits. I realized that if I started on the new socks from my KSKS kit, I would never finish some of my UFOs. Anyway, without further ado:

Try not to laugh too hard at my goofy hair- it's humid outside :) I guess this was a fairly satisfying knit, except that the pattern is a little unclear in spots. Also, I wish they would have had a picture showing how to seam the two sides together, rather than just the words "sew back pieces together." Duh, thanks. The back ribbing looks a little more off in the photo than in real life (it's like a one row difference between the two sides). We'll see how long it lasts, since this is the shrug that's made from R*d H****t Soft Yarn in color Grape. That's right, it's... acrylic. Bleh. However, do you want to know the total cost? $4. Sweet.

Look who came with me to Paris...

It's Clapotis!

Oh, and here is what we think is the creepiest sushi place ever:

And that sushi restaurant was literally the only, uh, family establishment for blocks and blocks. Gross!


  1. Cute shrug. That color looks really good on you.

  2. very cute shrug! what kind of seam did you end up doing on it? I'm pretty lazy, so I try to slip in 3 needle bind offs any time I can. They usually end up much neater than any real seam that I could come up with and are really low bulk and lay relatively flat.

  3. wow! about your paris trip, i meant. not the FO. but well, WOW to that too! FO's are always good :)
    mmm...i want sushi. it's because i haven't eaten all day, not because i saw that picture. hehe. just thought i'd clarify. :)