Sunday, September 03, 2006

The kit is finished!

So my KSKS pal's French Market bag finally dried (4 days!) and it's filled* and ready to go:

So inside is the pattern for Happy Socks, a ball of Austermann sock yarn in color 15 (greys/ blues/ greens), 40" size 2 Addi Turbo, 1 ball each of Sugar n Creme in Denim and Summer Splash, materials for making another bag (the original bag i wanted to make, except that I can't sew...) - the chick fabric, the toile fabric, bamboo purse handles, mini leaf cookie cutters, and a little pink & green photo album. Also, you can't see it in the photo, but the blue ribbon has little white polka dots on it. Super cute!

*That tiny UglyDoll isn't part of the kit- he just felt like getting his picture taken :)


  1. That kit looks fantastic and your clap in paris! Tres Chic!! :)

  2. we-ell, since you asked, she included that kind of checkered-ish fabric with lines on it so i can line up the knitted items with it and get everything even. in theory, it sounds great, doesn't it? :) and she made that cute flowered bag to put it in.
    i'm so excited to try it out! i just need something to block...oh yeah, that's right! i have to KNIT something that NEEDS blocking. perhaps i should go through my UFO bag and finish something so i can use my brand-spanking new blocking kit. we shall see how that goes. hehe.

  3. Hi Kym,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The Think Pink Scarf is being knit up with Malabrigo (my favorite yarn to knit with at the moment). The color is Cactus Flower. I am using two strands of this to get thicker effect. It called for Blizzard yarn --I had Malabrigo and I'm doubling it up:)

    Hey your kit came out awesome!

  4. My kit arrived yesterday. I love it! Thank you! I haven't tried the yarn before, it's so soft I can't wait to wear the socks it makes. Thanks again and congratulations on your recent marriage. :)