Monday, September 25, 2006

Cozy palms, chilly fingers

So my friend Lisa e-yelled at me for being such a slack-ass blogger :) Sorry everyone! I will try to update a little more often.

I finished up the Fetching handwarmers:

They are shockingly warm for gloves that don't have fingers...

I was also hoping to have a new haircut picture to show you, but unfortunately, my hair didn't quite come out like the photo. It's a nice haircut, but I was going for something punky, and well, it's too... nice. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I will show you before and after photos after I have it re-cut this weekend.

Hopefully I will look like my old self, just a little spikier:


  1. Aaah, don't you hate blog guilt? I feel like I should blog more often than I do too. Your Fetching gloves look really pretty. I always like fingerless gloves for driving (so I can still play with the radio - LOL). Can't wait to see the new hair!!

  2. Those gloves are awesome!

    Your hair will be the same except spikier? Did you get a mullet?