Monday, July 10, 2006

WTF Herb Dean?

For those of you wondering who Herb Dean is, he is one of the refs in the UFC. What is my beef with the guy? He single handedly ruined what was the most anticipated fight of the year- Ortiz v. Shamrock- by stopping it extraordinarily prematurely. I would give you a link to the video, but it's been taken down from YouTube (you'll just have to take my word for it). Shamrock took five elbows to the head while Ortiz was in his guard, and while Randy Couture claims it is correct for the ref to stop the fight at this point, it seemed ridiculous. There was no blood, no bruising, no time for Shamrock to even try to defend himself. Why wasn't Big John McCarthy ref-ing this fight? There's no way he would have stopped it that soon- he would have waited until Shamrock was no longer intelligently defending himself, which was not the case when Herb Dean stopped it. So frustrating. Since I don't have digital cable, we can't get the PPV, but this was the first time I was happy I didn't have to waste the $40.

I finished the Spiderweb capelet last night- it needs some serious blocking. It's ridiculously fluffy. I know that's the nature of Paton's Diving, but it's insane. Has anyone blocked this before? I want to soak it with some sort of wool wash so it doesn't stink, but I'm afraid that all the fibers will get tangled up. Any advice?


  1. hi Kym! sure you can see the dress ( I just can't post it to the blog bc Chris checks it occasionally)
    speaking of which, do you have a dress?

    Mine is sincerity bridal, 3070
    But I'll be adding either a halter strap or shoulder straps

  2. btw- the dress is even more elegant and beautiful in person

    (although my 2nd choice was Jasmine collection C618)