Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Try not to spill your hot Hoffie

What's up with David Hasselhoff, or as he prefres to be known now, "The Hoff"- this guy is getting weirder every day.

Exhibit 1-
when he cried after Taylor Hicks was crowned American Idol

Exhibit 2- when he sliced his wrist after hitting his head on a locker room chandelier while shaving

Exhibit 3- I don't even know what to say about this video, other than you probably shouldn't look directly at it. You know, like an eclipse. Seriously, check it out- and don't turn it off at least until after the part with the animated shooting stars, creepy pelvic gyrations, and white man's overbite moves.

I have lots of pics from the shore this weekend, but I have to wait until my friends send them to me- next time I will remember to not only pack the camera, but the battery and memory card as well. Duh.

**Secondhand Celebrity Sighting** My dad was shopping the other day at King's and saw Jim Cramer from Mad Money. He said waved to him in the parking lot and said, "Hey Jim, love the show," and though Cramer waved back, he just drove off without saying thanks. Cramer dissed my dad, so therefore, I was dissed vicariously by Cramer. Cool.


  1. I had the sound off and the girl in the car with him looks like she's saying, "Let me out of this car you creep!" lol

  2. First of all, I have to say sorry for being so absent lately on your blog, but...

    why is it that Hasselhoff is so popular to rag on? I mean, did you see the "Feeling" video? I will admit though that I had the song stuck in my head for a while afterwards. I suspect that these videos have a certain Australian sensibility to them or something, otherwise, how can one explain it?