Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Countdown with Keith Olberm... er, Stix.

Wedding stuff:

Yikes, the wedding is getting closer and closer... for security's sake, I won't be posting anything about the wedding until it's over and we are back. I've heard all of these stories over the years about people who put their engagement announcement in the newspaper, including the actual wedding date, and then during the wedding, their house gets ransacked. Call me paranoid, but damn, that would totally suck! I will post lots of pictures though, I promise. I'm very excited about our photographer- she is amazing, and I can't wait to show her off :)

Knitting stuff:

The new Knitty is finally up- and there is TONS of cute stuff. It totally makes up for the mweh-ness of the last issue. Check out the
sock monkey hat and the fingerless gloves that give you faux finger tats. Coo.

So I've started my sock pal's bag like, 5 times so far. Originally I thought I would knit it, but I couldn't come up with anything cool. Knitter's block. Bleh! Finally, I broke down and bought some fabric, so now I can plug in my poor Singer. Singer hasn't seen the light of day in about 2 years, since I made a couple of lame pillows and then stuck her in the closet. Here is the outside fabric for the bag:

This cute little chick print will be the lining:

It will, hopefully, be a simple little tote - I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

Look- Anthropologie has its fall sweaters up- someone please make some patterns- these sweaters are all adorable.

Oh yes, and I'm also 95% finished with my Paton's Divine Spiderweb Capelet. Thanks Project Spectrum!


Random stuff:

-We saw the new Superman movie this weekend. Pretty good, but what was with all of the unfortunate footwear? Lex Luthor had his
suit pants tucked into his shit-kicker boots, and Lois Lane could barely walk in her heels. Other than that, go Bryan Singer :)

-Hey, according to the New York Times, diorama- making is the new knitting

-Some interesting links today:

David Hasselhoff has surgery after freak shaving accident

Kobayashi (the competitive eating champion) won his 6th straight Nathan's hotdog eating contest (53.75 hot dogs!)

Finally, only 4 days remain until UFC 61- BITTER RIVALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Hey thanks for letting us know about Knitty. I had not checked for a while so it was definitely fun to see all the new patterns. I really do love that Monkey Hat. I downloaded it to make if for my son some day (this year for sure).

    I'm working on your kit and went shopping for embelishments today. I am having a lot of fun putting this together for you:)

    I'll be in touch soon --and I can't wait to see those wedding pictures...Just remember to smile and have fun on your special day:)

    Your KSKS buddy

  2. Awesome- I'm so excited to see what you made. :)

  3. hey -- don't apologize for being nosy! i'll gladly spill the beans but i don't have your email address!