Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We regret to inform you that the cat is more qualified

So I remembered to sign up for the Knit Sock Kit Swap in time. Yay! I'm so excited- I hope I can come up with something really cool for my swap pal.

I finished the Saturday Market Bag last night- I think it might have been the fastest knit ever. I made a couple of changes to the pattern- I hate seaming more than anything, so I worked it in the round instead. To avoid a weird seam at the beginning of each row, I alternated starting off the row with a YO and K1. This seemed to work out pretty well, nice and even. I was also too lazy to cast off and then pick up 68 stitches around the top, so I decreased from 90 stitches over two rounds on the larger needles. Then I worked 3 rounds of stockinette with the smaller needles. When it came to the strap, I was again TOO LAZY to have to seam two pieces together, so I made one long strap and then did a 3 needle cast off . As you can maybe tell, I'm the laziest knitter ever. :)

(I'll post a pic of the bag tomorrow- we have people over right now watching Beastmaster and Krull. Don't laugh.)

It's a little smaller than the one in Magknits, but I found out that it's because I used 100% cotton, so it's not as stretchy. Oh well. It's still pretty cool- hopefully it will be sturdy enough for all of my crap.

Has anyone ever looked at their blog's "value" on Blogshares? It's really strange- supposedly Stix and the City's faux value is like $4,ooo. I wish they could just send me the money- that would be cool.

May I direct you to the weirdest website of the day? The
Meow Mix House- an online reality show about... cats. Apparently, they stick a bunch of cats in a house and then people vote on which cat they want to stay in the house to win a year's supply of cat food and earn the title of "Feline Vice President of Research." Seriously, they can't give a frigging cat a more impressive job title than me. It's just not right- I know I have a better resume. I'm just not... a cat.


  1. OK that meow mix thing is WEIRD!!!

    I'm really excited about the sock kit swap too! They just posted the questionairre & it's pretty funny.

    I like the mod's you made to the market bag. It's really nice to get rid of the seam. I can't wait to see it!!

  2. They wouldn't accept Baggi for the Meow Mix House. He was too "urban" for them.

    Oh no they didn't!

  3. Dang! I think Baggi is a perfect candidate for cat litigation...