Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seaming, Screech, Stealing, Shut up Ann

Ok, so can you guess how much knitting I was able to accomplish today? None! Wah- I was too busy... seaming. Ugh. I'm seaming together the pieces of the Debbie Bliss Baby Sweater, but I am so slooooooooooooooooooooow. I can't seem to find my T-pins, which would be a great help right about now. Instead, I'm just sort of laying the pieces across the back of the futon as I sew them and it is just not going very smoothly. Plus, it took me a really long time to make my mattress stitch look clean and well, I'm still not done! Sometime this weekend, I will have FO photos. *fingers crossed*


Does everyone remember Screech from Saved by the Bell? Well, he was on Howard Stern today, and while I didn't get to hear the interview (I forgot my stupid radio at home this morning), I found out that he's having some troubles. Apparently he's about to lose his house, so if you are the generous sort, head on over to his website. He's selling t-shirts (which are kind of funny) to raise money to save his house.

I have to admit that I didn't think he would end up like all the other child stars. Seriously. I saw him about 5 years ago with Le Fiance and friends at Rascal's Comedy Club in NJ when he was opening for another comic who appeared on Howard Stern. Yeah, he wasn't really that great at the stand up thing, but he did take our intense heckling in stride and afterwards, he did hang out and have a beer with us. Both he and the other guy were cool, so I feel kind of bad.

Turns out Jacob the Jeweler has other activities other than jewelry design- like trying to launder $270 million. Duh.

And finally, I leave you with Henry Rollins' letter to *shudder* Ann Coulter.

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  1. it's such a great clip.
    anne is such a ruse.
    she is now claiming she is a deadhead. aye!
    she needs to take hanks advice!

    to think, i could have been in the same room with the beast and not taped her mouth shut!!!