Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One man's RetroJunk is another man's treasure

Very little knitting got done today- just a few more inches on the Debbie Bliss Baby Sweater (I guess I need to update my sidebar projects). All I have left now is about 4 inches on one sleeve and then I can seam everything together. Since it has that little smidgen of blue on the collar and cuffs, I guess it will count as my first project spectrum item. I might do the Spiderweb Capelet from SnB, since I ripped it out the first, like, four times. It's in light blue Paton's Divine, so I might just do it to get rid of it. Has anyone used Paton's Divine before? Does it look completely different after blocking? It just looked like a big mess when I tried to use it- no stitch definition and just kind of sloppy.

My hard drive at work died this morning. So annoying!! I thought someone had downloaded a virus or something on my computer, but when the IT guy showed up to fix it, it turned out it was a bum hard drive. Luckily it's still under warranty, but I'm still out of a computer until WEDNESDAY! Bleh.

My new hero the past couple of weeks has been Jim Cramer from
Mad Money. Once you get past how completely insane he is, you actually learn a lot about the market and it brings back everything you learned in Economics. Unfortunately though, I find myself saying "Booyah" more often than I would normally (which would be never). Oh well. Small price to pay...

Finally, I stumbled upon the greatest site EVER. RetroJunk has a ton of old TV clips, intros, commercials, public service announcements, etc. Anyone remember these?

Today's Special:

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