Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's my blogiversary!!

Tonight at midnight, Stix and the City will be one year old! Yay! I feel like I should somehow mark the occasion, but I'm not sure what I want to do. Maybe I'll have a contest or something. Hmm... I have lots of pics to share- today is my grandmother's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday Nan!! Since she is one of those ladies who has everything, I decided to make some cool stuff to brighten up her kitchen. So far, I made these two pretty dishcloths from patterns from the Dishcloth Boutique:

In knitting these up, I've discovered my love of ... Sugar n' Cream cotton. Cheap and brightly colored - Sold! I bought a couple more balls, in lime green and hot pink. I'm not sure what the green will turn into- maybe a cozy of some sort for my grandmother. The pink, however, is quickly becoming a Saturday Market Bag from the new Magknits. I go to the supermarket literally every day for lunch, and I'm starting to feel like a big douche for using all of those plastic bags, so hence, the bag:

Oh, also for my grandmother's birthday- some embroidered tea towels from the Stitch it Kit. Our family has the cutest dachshund, Torque, who is about 15 years old, that my parents and grandparents ADORE. He's like my little brother :) Anyway, i'm going to embroider some dachshunds and either little flowers or little stars on the edges of the towels. She'll think it's hilarious.

So I think I might sign up for the Knit Sock Kit Swap- I've never participated in a swap before, because I'm always afraid that I'll be too slow to make something in time. This one seems really cool though, because you send your pal the yarn, pattern, and whatever else you want to include to help them make the socks. Best of all, you have to make a cool little bag to house your pal's kit. Fun!


I plugged in my original Nintendo this week- can I just tell you how much I love Super Mario Bros.? It took a day or two, but I finally remembered where all the warp zones were, and rescued Ms. Peach:


I decided to put UglyDoll on an exercise regimen- he's getting a little pudgy. An 11" waist and a 1" inseam! Here he is on the bike:

Finally- check out these boots on this guy in Wegmans:

Apparently, Middle Earth has no Wegman's.


  1. hey, happy blogiversary! How long is it until your wedding?

    Now you have me wanting to play mario brothers. But wait... that would takd away from knitting time!

  2. i miss wegman's so much! when i worked in rochester for a summer, that was my favorite spot. i guess only a true loser pines for a grocery store ...

  3. Happy birthday blog! you're getting old....

    I think Torque would like some knitted leg warmers. Or a tube top.

  4. Ha ha- dachshund tube top!!! :) would that mean it was a knitted sausage casing? that would be cool.