Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's "Blue Moon, not Boom Boom"

Knitting stuff:

I really want to make the Anthropologie Capelet from Peony Knits, but I need more light weight stuff to throw over tank tops when I'm at work. What do you think about doubling stranding the lime green Sugar n Cream? I think it should work, gauge wise, and once I wash it a few times, the color should look nice and vintage-y.

Project Spectrum stuff:

To finish more than just a blue dishrag for June, I decided to pull the dreaded Paton's Divine out of the pile and do the SnB Spiderweb Capelet once and for all. I found a blog (I forget which one) this afternoon where someone had also used Divine, and it looked fine post-blocking. A lot of people on various message boards seem to love this yarn, although I'm not exactly sure why. It seems like a big pain to knit with, because the fuzzy bits keep snagging. A lot of people were saying that Denise needles are too pointy when used with this yarn, so maybe that's my problem. Also, people swore by putting the yarn in the freezer for a few hours to keep the fuzz from getting tangled on itself. Has anyone done this? Is it true?

Here's my progress so far- not a whole lot, considering how many times I've cast on and ripped out in the past year. I think I could have a few of these finished by now...

My second contribution-- blue toes.

Random stuff:

(the title of this post)- We watched the Sopranos all weekend - we're up to season 2- disk 2- and I just realized that the lyrics in the theme song are "got a blue moon in your eyes," not "got a boom boom in your eyes," which is what Le Fiance and I both thought it was for years. Duh!

I found out today that I have been to 50% of the country. As you can probably guess, I drove cross country - one time, about 9 years ago. It was pretty amazing. I would recommend doing it- I loved watching the landscape change from the hilly northeast to the flat, treeless midwest, to the sculptural rock formations and mountains out west. So cool.

create your own visited states map
*I also got my secret sock kit pal today- I'm so excited to finally do a swap. I hope that she likes whatever I come up with. I'll have to start some brainstorming...*


  1. I'm excited about the swap too! I've been pouring over my spoilee's blog to see what she's like.

    I think Sugar & Cream could work but I would def. do a gauge swatch. I made it with the polar that she used in the pattern & had to go up a needle size to get gauge.

    I also recommend trying on the sleeves before you bind off (another thing I should have done) as well as binding off loosely!!

    It's a fast fun knit! I think I will probably make another this fall!

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Today I learned that I have been to 26 states - I've been to 50% too! But not becuase I drove cross country. No, I've been to many states because I'm a you know what....