Friday, May 12, 2006

You can call me L, 2L...

**my first year of law school is over as of last night! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!**

I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself. Le Fiance and I went to Borders for coffee after I got home from work today (and yes, that weird lady was there again and yes, there was singing) and all I could think about while I was perusing the new Interweave Knits was "wow, I don't have to do anything tonight if I don't want to. Weird!" No guilt, no anxiety about the time counting down until I had to DO SOMETHING, nothing. Best feeling ever. Like what I imagine being released from minimum security prison must feel like- minus receiving a shawl as a gift from fellow inmates.

I saw this adorable sewing machine in a magazine today and I want it so badly, even though my mom bought me a really nice machine two years ago that's gone virtually unused because of school. Would that make me a horrible daughter if I bought it? It's so cute and it's tiny compared to my Singer...

At the beginning of the study period for finals, I started Forecast (and I had a whole long post typed up, complete with lots of photos, and Blogger ate it). Anyway, here is the initial photo:

Since this picture was taken, I've divided for the sleeves and finished a couple more inches. My plan is to make a serious alteration to the pattern and end the body right before the bottom ribbing and make it a cropped sweater. I also plan on just doing one more pattern repeat for the sleeves and keep them pretty short. For the ends of the sleeves, what do you think would look better, seed stitch like the collar or the reverse stockinette/ stockinette thing like the lower body?

The color in the picture isn't very accurate. It looks more like unbleached cotton. I'm using a fisherman's wool colorway of acrylic baby yarn. Someday, when I can be disciplined enough to either handwash my good sweaters or actually go to the dry cleaner, I will stop using acrylic. I should really go into Acrylics Anonymous and get help. "Hi, I'm Kym and I use cheap acrylic." "Hi Kym!"

Hopefully, when I'm finished, I'll have something similar to my favorite sweater brand Free People, from which I have never actually bought a sweater since they are PRICEY. I might get a few this weekend, though- last week when I was in Loehmans, they had tons of stuff at like $14, down from $98!

I also did a little shoe shopping last week- check out the crazy print on these shoes from Old Navy:

The bows are the best part- they look like someone ripped strips of fabric off the bolt and just threw them on there. Shabby chic shoes?

Speaking of shoes, check out
this article on the new designer that Payless has hired for its fall collection. Apparently, they're pulling a Target move and I'm excited about it.

Le Fiance also celebrated a birthday last week. His sister sent the coolest gift- dinner for two from Omaha Steaks. Not only was it delicious, but it was also packed with a bunch of dry ice. As a kid, I grew up watching
Mr. Wizard's World on Nickelodeon, so the first thing I wanted to do was play with the dry ice :)


  1. Congrats on finishing that first year!!! Hurrah! Your Forcast is pretty - I'm upset your post about it got eaten though. Darn Blogger. Cute shoes - I didn't even know Old Navy had shoes (besides flip-flops). Love that dry ice picture - too funny.

  2. glad that you survived your first year! hurrah!

    i think your mods to forecast will be great. i say maybe seed stitch on the sleeve, but either will probably look good.

    i need to check out those old navy shoes. oh, and i once met mr. wizard -- he came to my elementary school and i got called up to do an experiment!

  3. I thought you two were at E3? Wha happen?

  4. Thanks guys!! I'm glad you like my Forecast. Carrie- that's so cool that you met Mr. Wizard!!!! I'm so jealous. I remember there was an episode where the kids were using light pens to draw stuff directly on to the computer using some really archaic software, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    Lisa- we didn't go to E3. I had finals for the past two weeks and some other stuff happened. I'll fill you in later.

  5. I LOVE your shoes! And from Old Navy no less... does that make them affordable to boot? Bonus!