Friday, May 26, 2006

Sort of suit and Simon's heels

Suit update:

So after scouring every store in the area, I purchased a suit of sorts. I bought a pair of black pants from
H&M and a A.Byer black jacket from Macy's junior department. What a pain in the ass- I remember when I graduated high school (in 1996- ugh) and there was an abundance of inexpensive suits in stores like Sterns, Lord & Taylor and the Herald Square Macy's. Now it's this rare item, like the Honus Wagner baseball card** of the apparel world.

While cursing my short stature, I stumbled across the best photo EVER. It turns out that Simon Cowell wears gigantic high heel boots:

Is this guy kidding? He needs to switch to something less obvious, like lifts!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this was Fleet Week. Did anyone go to any of the events?

Finally, if anyone still cares, the egg came first.

**Fewer than 10 are known to exist


  1. I'm glad you found a "suit". I had to have one for my internship as well & it sucked finding one that wasn't too frumpy!!

    Oh & that Simon picture is priceless!

  2. yeah, he needs lifts, like tom cruise. that's too obvious.

    i was looking at a. byer suits at macy's, too, and pissed because they didn't come with pants. being short stinks.

  3. As much as Simon Cowell looks like a twat, I've seen a lot of men (even tall ones at 6') wear heeled boots. It's that British / Mod look. Besides, Cowboys technically wear boots with heels.......

  4. I don't know, dude- I think the Mod look is over. Or at least it should be :)