Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Silly Suit-y business

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts this week. The time that had previously been spent on worthwhile activities like school/ eating/ sleeping/ knitting/ anything else that doesn't suck, has been replaced with the impossible task of suit shopping. Impossible!! I'm doing this unpaid internship thing two days a week and, hence, I am now in need of a suit. You would think that at my age (which is creeping closer and closer to thirty), I would own a suit, but I do not. You see, for the past 4 years, I have worked in a job where it's really easy to destroy your clothes, and my wardrobe has since dwindled to like, 2 pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts, and flip flops. Doesn't exactly scream - hey, I'll be a good lawyer someday.

Does anyone know a good place for petite suits?? I have run into these problems so far:

- I bought a suit at H&M, but when I took the jacket to my tailor, she showed me that the sleeves made it impossible to hem from the wrist instead of the shoulder and how it didn't make much sense to spend so much to alter a $50 jacket. I'm thinking that a $50 jacket may be a great way to experiment with my new sewing machine. Maybe she just didn't want to put her name on a jerry-rigged sleeve hem, but I'll take a stab at it. Question to H&M- why do you think small women have arms like chimpanzees?
-The suits that I like at JCrew are like, $300. I don't even know if the firm at which I'll be working is even that conservative, so I'm hesitant to buy such a suit. It could be put to better use in buying business casual stuff if need be...

-The suits at White House/Black Market only have short sleeves. Is that appropriate for a potentially conservative office?

-There don't seem to be any black suits out right now, just khaki, white, and colors.

Any suggestions? I'm bummed out that I'm spending so much time on this...


Funny thing happened at the drug store yesterday. Le Fiance and I were in the first aid aisle of Eckerd and there was this really bizarre display of tiny glass bottles containing old school remedies, like Castor Oil and that stuff that makes you throw up. Within this display is this tiny bottle of OLIVE OIL. I'm thinking, ok, well it must have a medicinal purpose, but when I looked on the bottle, it said "For use on salads." What the hell??


I'm going to have to agree with McSpazz and frog the embossed leaves sock. I think it will look a little more punk on the simply lovely socks, so I guess I have to get myself some size 0's/ learn some Magic Loop.


I picked up the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners book last week. I'm not a beginner anymore, but it seemed like the only book that had normal looking baby clothes with nice subdued colors. Also, there is not a single sailboat or heart on any of the sweaters. Since I tossed out the Queen of Hearts blanket I was working on, I decided to cast on for a very cute little boatnecked sweater in Caron Simply Soft- white with light country blue trim. It's the same color combo that I used for the Hoover blanket, which I loved. So cute, but not too baby blue and obnoxious.


*Random stuff*

Check out these crazy cakes that were at the grocery store today-

-crab cake:

& ice cream cone cake:

I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I bought a kiddie pool for Gamera and Mazinga Turtle to bask in outside when the weather is nice. They loved it!! Gamera was able to dry out and shed his shell properly and get some needed exercise:

He was worn out and yawning by the end of the afternoon:


Finally, Gamera Turtle took this photo at the mall on his shell phone camera. It's an ad outside Gloria Jean coffee for their caramel turtle drink. He disputes their claim that a turtle can fit through a straw...


  1. Definitely get a short sleeved suit jacket if it fits you. You should let me know what law firm you're interning since I may be able to tell you if they're conservative or not. Anyways, women can get away with snazzier outfits and regardless of atmosphere, they're not going to hold a cute outfit against you. Have you SEEN most of the outfits these attorneys wear downtown? It's pathetic.

    Will you be serving "crab-cakes" at the wedding? That would be so funny to get people excited and then instead to see they are eating the most scarily-frosted cake ever.

  2. Ha ha ha ha, his shell phone . . . . I got a good laugh out of that one!!! Too funny. Good luck with the suit shopping - I don't think I've EVER owned a real suit, so I unfortunately am no help what so ever. :(

  3. i was looking for a black, petite suit this weekend too and found NOTHING. everything came with capris or short pants and all in light colors. express is a good bet -- i buy all my pants there because they come in short. i might end up getting one there, but they're pricey and i'm still not thrilled with the shoulder pads. what's with all the shoulder pads out there?

  4. Hmm, I have to say that I'm the complete opposite. I have about 4 suits in my closet (black pantsuit, black skirt suit, navy skirt suit, brown 3 piece suit) and I haven't worn them in like 4 years. My work went exactly the opposite where I used to wear suits when visiting with customers, but since discovering that my customers don't wear suits and sometimes they actually wear shorts, it just didn't seem appropriate anymore. But if it's at all helpful, I used to get my suits from J Crew, The Limited, and Macy's. I think macy's was the cheapest place (the suit was $150) but if you're lucky, sometimes the other places will have sales in the petite sizes.

    The boatneck sweater is the one I modeled one of my twinset sweaters on recently. It's super easy, and I think pretty cute especially when you do some nice contrasting colors for the trim.