Sunday, April 02, 2006

You mean mulch isn't just dirt?

Apparently, Le Fiance and I are suckers for cross-promotional marketing. We watched Walk the Line last night and dug it so much that we picked up a Johnny Cash CD at Target today. I think I read somewhere that Cash's first wife (or maybe it was their kids) was pissed off by how she was portrayed and now I see why. While we were watching the movie, I got so angry at the first wife for being unsupportive and uber-bitchy that my friend had to remind me that he was cheating on her with June. Now that's some spin!

Today I did the unthinkable- I MULCHED. That's right, MULCHED. I am not into gardening at all; I don't have a green thumb, I just have a thumb. We replaced some bushes in the front yard that had mysteriously died last year (sabotage??) and bought mulch to put around them and the other ground cover plants, so we don't have to weed anything. Buying the mulch was like ordering at Starbucks- we said, "we'd like some mulch," and the cashier said, "do you want basic or premium, red or black, cedar or hardwood, etc." Who knew? I thought it was just... dirt. Um, yeah, can I have a venti pine, non cedar, with bark, extra black mulch to go, please? It looks nice though- looks like we know more about gardening than we do. Kind of like when you screw up a felted item and then the felting erases all of your mistakes.


Here is a photo of my progress on the Hug Me Tight shrug:

It looks much more purple in this photo than it really is- it's more of a dark wine color, but the camera is trying to mess with me. All I have to do now is finish about 3 more inches of ribbing and then sew everything together. I'm not really sure what the back will look like- you're supposed to match up the pattern and then sew about 10 inches together, depending on how tight you want it to fit. I'm picturing some weirdness on the bottom though, like where the two circular sections come together will end up looking like a butt. *fingers crossed*

Here is the tiny baby blanket for my grandma's cards:

Also- to anyone who expressed interest in a legal knitters webring, I finally thought of a name and just have to come up with a button design. Hopefully I'll have something this week.

Finally- can anyone recommend a good yarn for summer knits that wears well, is somewhat easy to care for and isn't super expensive? Some sort of cotton blend?


  1. Yup. For future reference, always buy high-end grass seeds because the lower-end ones tend to have weed seeds mixed in. And I don't mean the ganja kind. If you ever need gardening expertise, let me know and I'll send you my friend Joel's email. He knows EVERYTHING.

  2. i love the color for you hug me tight shrug

    what about the cotton yarn people use for dishcloths for a summer project? i dont know exactly what your doing but i know that it isnt too expensive

    Happy Knitting!