Sunday, April 16, 2006

UFC 59- Ultimate upset

Now, knitters, please bear with me here - I will get to some non UFC content in a minute...

Holy crap!! UFC 59 Reality Check was unbelievable! I would have bet the farm (or land of comparable size and value) that Andrei Arlovski would have destroyed Tim Sylvia, but instead, Arlovski was knocked out in the first round. Lucky punch though- it looked like Arlovski was moving in to shoot, but unfortunately, Sylvia was throwing an uppercut at the same time.

I wasn't even interested in the title fight, since I thought it was so predictable in Arlovski's favor. The fight I was really interested in was the Ortiz/ Griffin bout. I still don't understand what happened there. In the first round, we saw a glipse of the old Tito Ortiz and I really thought he was about to knock Forrest Griffin out. When the second round started, the old Tito disappeared again and he barely threw a single punch. It was like he was afraid or something. The only reason he won the decision was because he took Forrest down in the last minute of the third round, and even so, I think Forrest should have taken it.

Finally, on the subject of UFC, I just want to ask Dana White to please stop giving Nick Diaz any more fights. He is so cocky for no reason- when was the last time you won a fight, Nick??


So I started a new baby blanket for one of our friends. I picked the Queen of Hearts blanket from the Lion Brand website. Even though it's a free pattern, the people at Lion Brand now make you register and log in to look at the patterns. What's the deal with that? I found the pattern on Tuesday last week, and then on Friday, when I needed to print it to bring it with us when we went home for Easter, I had to sign up. Is it totally immature that I filled in all of the fields with phrases like, "Stop trying to sell me stuff," and "you suck, I didn't really want to register," etc.?

I have to pin down the blanket before I can take a picture. It's completely curled up- hopefully when I attach the lace border, that will die down. I used acrylic yarn, since I'm sure my friend has better things to do than take special care of an alpaca blanket, but I'm worried that the curling will still be a problem after I block it. Am I worrying unnecessarily?

Has anyone seen this tree sweater at Red Shirt Knitting? My friend Lisa sent it to me in an email- how cool is this?

Also, if you are a fan of Stefanie Japel, please head over to her blog and give her some well-wishes. She's going through some rough times and could use our support.

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  1. Yeah, that registration thing SUCKS!! I was looking for shawl patterns when I came across that last week. UGH!!

    As far as blocking acrylic goes I did it with a baby blanket I made & it worked pretty well. It wasn't lacey so it didn't need much but it did seem to even out my stitches! Maybe someone else can provide more help than that.

    Cute little tree!! I think all little trees need sweaters!