Tuesday, April 18, 2006

then slather on our special guacamolito sauce...

What do I love just as much as knitting? Tacos! What does this mean for Stix readers? It means you get to watch me try to knit up my summer project- the SNL Taco Town Taco!!!

For this to make any sense, you have to watch this video (don't worry, it's short):

I'll have to figure out the logistics of the whole thing- given the slew of knitted food patterns lately, I'll have lots of references. Have you seen the knitted sushi at MagKnits, or the knitted cherry pie over at Tela Studio or this entire knitted feast ? I think I'll probably felt some of the items and then leave some of the items natural. If anything, it will force me to learn how to make those omnipresent bobbles that I can't seem to get away from lately. Or maybe I can say screw the bobbles and try out the Shibori method. Hmm.

Check out this guy's page- they made the real life taco town taco for his birthday and actually ate it. Blueberries + pepperoni + guacamolito sauce = people laying on the floor in pain.


In NYC news- what's the deal with the Roosevelt Island tram getting stuck for like 6 hours?

Finally, yes, the TomKitten was finally born. What's it been, like 8 years since they annouced the pregnancy?


  1. yes, maybe now we can finally be free of TomKat. I used to like Tom Cruise very much before he fired his publicist and told the world he was just plain weird. Sigh.

    Anyway, I still can't figure out what this shibori thing is. I have the IK issue that talks about it, but I just can't bring myself to read the article. Lazy much?

    MMM... tacos.

  2. I can't wait for your knitted taco. Have you checked out the craftster knitting forums? There are always knitted food posts over there!

  3. *drool* tacos....i love me some guacamole and salsa right about now...
    bobbles are easy peasy. well, the ones i've done, anyway.
    there's one where you knit through the front, then back, then front again of one stitch; turn and purl across; turn and pass the second and third sts over the first st; and finally knit the remaining st through the back loop. (that was a modified 3-st bobble that's been used in the forecast cardigan that's been going around.)
    if you refer to the mason-dixon book, there's a variation of that same bobble where you knit and purl the desired amount of times in the first st; turn and purl; knit across; purl again; and then pass the second and third sts over. the bobble is taller (?)...it looks better...rounder? just better...yeah.
    bobbles are freaky. i likes them. :) only trouble is if you knit into the front and back too many times, it's kinda tight getting the needle through to purl after turning...