Thursday, April 06, 2006


May I present to you for the first very time... my wedding shoes!!!

You may remember these shoes from episode 83 of Sex and the City, "A Woman's Right to Shoes," in which Carrie's new Manolos go missing after she takes them off at bitchy Tatum O'Neal's party:

Finding these shoes was the biggest ordeal- unlike the ones from SATC, mine are Steve Madden, not Monolo. Right after the episode came out, Steve Madden knocked them off-- but since I didn't really need fancy silver shoes at the time, I waited too long to buy them and they were discontinued. I finally found them in my size on eBay and sweet Le Fiance won the auction for me! I'm so excited.... yay!!

In celebrity news- Katie Holmes is about to pop. Her baby belly is so big in this photo, it doesn't look real- it looks like a basketball tucked into her shirt.

I read the most hilarious rumor that Tom Cruise had an adult pacifier specially made for Katie, as to help her stay silent during her Scientology birth. I can't decide if I think it's true because it's too crazy to make up, or if there are just some extremely creative gossip columnists out there...


  1. What hot hot weddding shoes!!! I absolutely remember that episode. Yay for Le Fiance for winning them for you - we already knew he was a keeper, but he's just proven it again. Hey, how'd you make it so my mouse is a turtle when pointing over your blog? That so cute!!!

  2. Ohhh, your shoes are so cute! My only wedding shoes option was flats due to the whole "outside on the riverbank" local!

    Funny enough my (at the time) fiance scored my shoes for me too! He called a dozen or so bridal/formal stores to find them for me!

    I can't wait to see it all put together!

  3. Miko of the Dead5:25 PM

    Manolo - Madden. Supposedly - Supposably. Hmm.....

    Shoes - Yay!
    Comparing yourself to SATC - Awesome!
    Fiance w/ sliding turtles - Priceless.