Monday, March 06, 2006

Stinky shawl

So is a photo of the elusive Clapotis:

It's quite cozy, but I haven't worn it yet. It has that wet wool smell from when I blocked it and didn't use any soap. It was such a pain- I'm putting off the washing and just repeatedly spraying it with cranberry perfume from Bath & Body Works... It's a good thing I wasn't born a sheep or I'd be quite stinky.

Here are some photos from when we went to the aquarium last month-

Le Fiance with gigantic shark jaw:

Turtle and alligator buddies (don't worry, the alligator didn't eat the turtle after this picture was taken):

Some very fashionable sea anemones wearing all of the new spring colors:


  1. OOOhhhh, so pretty. Love the shades of pink in it. Hope it smells good enough to be worn out soon. :) Glad Mr. Turtle didn't get chomped up too - it did look like he was in trouble in the pic.

  2. who knew anemones were so festive?!?

    your clapotis is gorgeous! i love the colorway -- it's like cotton candy or strawberry shortcake or something equally yummy.

  3. Thanks!! I'm so glad you like the way the clap came out.

    I found a really cool black wrap dress at Rave (yes, I'm on a budget) that I want to get and I think it will look perfect with it.

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  5. Wow, how pretty! You'll have to refresh my memory: what yarn was that? Gorgeous!
    Those anemones are fascinating, aren't they?
    And man, that pic with Le Fiance looks like something out of a Jaws movie, sans live shark of course. :) Thanks for sharing!