Saturday, March 18, 2006

Roscoe finally catches one of the Duke boys

Here are some photos of the teeny garments that will be clipped to the note cards I'm working on for my grandmother:

These aren't my sweater and sock- those are in the book :) How cool are the little clothespins? They really work too- in case I ever shrink, at least I know I'll be able to still do my laundry.

Here's the first little sweater- it's made out of the Paton's Lacette and man, is it tiny. I'm glad that only one side is visible once it's clipped to the card since I screwed up the decrease seam on the back side.

The sock is a little bit bigger than the sweater- it's actually made of yarn from the kit that I bought from Serendipity 3 last summer when I wanted to learn how to knit! This too has a messed up back side, so don't tell my grandma...

I liked Karen's idea of a tiny mitten- I think a thumb is possible if i make it out a smidge of I-Cord instead of trying to make a little tube.

h, and here is the shrug that I have barely started on from the Lion Brand Vintage book- it's on hold until i finish the cards.

Time for bed- everyone in our house is very sleepy...

Who knew you could snuggle up in a tank of water?

Our random Chuck Norris fact for this St. Patrick's Day:
"Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried."

Finally, check out Tom Wopat's run in with the law- Luke Duke- you aren't supposed to get caught running the shine... Too bad Waylon Jennings wasn't there to narrate the arrest.


  1. The sweater and sock came out so so cute!!!! I've knit them too as Christmas Ornaments (they're from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, right?) and they were much harder that I thought. Like you, I was glad one side is hidden in the Christmas tree. What a great idea to do a I-cord for a thumb on the mitten . . . never occured to me taht no one would actually need to be able to put a thumb IN it, so no, it doesn't need to be a tube!!! Duh. :) That shrug pattern is really cute, can't wait to watch that one progress. Love the snuggly turtles too - I've had a soft-spot for turtles since caring for the 5th grade turtle over summer vacation.

  2. Those little knits are so adorable!!