Thursday, March 16, 2006

Leslie Moonves is lame*

I've finished a tiny sweater and a tiny sock! Two of my grandmother's custom made cards 98% down, six more to go... I think I'll make a tiny scarf and a tiny blanket too. It seems like it would be more interesting to have 8 different articles, rather than 4 sweaters and 4 socks in different fabrics and colors. What other items could be shrunken down?

For my NYC readers- does anyone have connections at Parson's? One of my friends is trying to get a job there in an administrative role and competition is fierce.

Speaking of school, I was sitting in the coffee lounge area at school today trying to get some reading done, when the most annoying person sat down at the table next to me. This man was eating some nuts or cookies or something and was making the grossest eating noises I've ever heard. Whatever he was eating was out of a vending machine bag, so it's contents had to have been dry, but he was slurping and smacking like a mad man. They were sounds you would associate with eating soup, or something wet. UGH- gross.

Has anyone looked through the new Stitch n Bitch Happy Hooker book yet? I would like to learn a little crochet, but I just don't get it. I think I need live person to hold my hand and teach me. Crochet patterns look like a foreign language, or maybe more like an alien language for which my universal translator is broken.


Have a happy St. Patrick's Day everyone- and if you have the passion for the McDonald's Shamrock Shake of our youth, check out this... um, important... site.

Finally- don't worry about eating meat tomorrow if you are a Catholic who lives in NJ- the archbishop says it's all good.

**Les, how is your frivolous lawsuit coming? What were you thinking?


  1. thank you SO MUCH for the shamrock shake site. that's awesome. you always find the best links.

    i think you'll pick up crochet quickly if you use an online tutorial plus a book. (that's what i did, and it helped me visualize things better.)

  2. I was thinking about a little mitten, but maybe the thumb would be too small to knit? How about a little hat? Will you post pictures of the cards when they are done? They sound too cute!!!

  3. Hurray for meat!

    Did the gross man spill hot coffee down his arm and go "enhhhhhhhhhh?" Because that would have been class!

    Les Moonves is a twat. And I will now be sued by him for stating that online.