Sunday, March 26, 2006

Knits Gone Wild, or my Spring Break 2006

So I'm all about that Lisa Loeb show, "Number 1 Single," after being stuck this morning with 100+ cable channels and nothing to watch. Something about it was so endearing- it reminded me of Sex and the City, and proved to the world that the men that were described on SATC really exist in New York. In one episode, she meet some lawyer (figures- he did nothing to improve the image. thanks, you bastard.) in the bookstore. They get to talking and she learns that he has an intriguing mix on his iPod, which included both ACDC and his Rabbi's lectures. He gives her his phone number and they end up going to dinner on a double date with his friend and her sister. When the ladies arrive at the restaurant, the iPod guy is a total ass- he keeps referring to them repeatedly as JAPs and "little Jewish girls" and eventually calls the sister "nice, but really boring" to her face. What is wrong with you, sir?? Did you really think the date was going well, or that when the girls told you over and over that the term JAP was offensive, that they were actually flattered?

I spent a lot of time on the train this weekend- Le Fiance and I went to visit our parents, and I did a lot of scooting between in laws, my friend Carol, my parents, and back down to the the in laws. In these hours, I discovered the joy of knitting on the train. I ended up finishing the first half of the vintage shrug, casting on the second half and working over 3". Sweet.

I finally got to show my grandmother the little sock for her note cards- she liked it a lot. She used to knit socks when my dad and uncle were little (50 years ago!) and apparently wasn't a fan of working on the toe. Just like me. Must be some sort of genetic predisposition to an anti-sock attitude...

Only 20 days left until UFC 59: Reality Check- the fight between Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz should definitely be a good one...


  1. I love #1 single too!! I'm not really a big fan of Lisa Loeb's music but the show is really great.

    I almost died over that JAP thing. Could guys get more clueless than that? Sheesh!

  2. i didn't even understand that guy's deal- wasn't he Jewish too? I didn't see the beginning of the episode, but they kept referring to the lectures on his iPod as being given by "his Rabbi" so i was really confused. Jerk.

  3. when is this show on? i can't ever find it, and the e site is too confusing. it reminds me of this great public access show i used to watch called "to live and date in new york." it was craziness.

  4. I'm not sure when it's on in NY- it was on in NJ last week on Sunday morning around 10 or 11 am.

    Tivo says they are having a marathon next week- i think it's April 4th sometime...