Sunday, March 05, 2006

Isaac Mizrahi- don't grab my junk

So I am finally feeling better- it only took 2 weeks. Ugh!! I have some photos to share from our trip to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago and some knitting stuff.

**update- stupid blogger will not upload my photos, so i will try again later using Picassa**

We went over to Borders the other night for coffee and a little reading. I ended up doing a little buying- nothing that exciting, but I got the Lion Brand Vintage Styles for Today book. There are some cute items, but I have to learn how to do a little crochet to make many of the patterns. Even the knitting patterns almost all have an element of crochet in the collar or cuffs or something.

I also saw a very strange cookbook- it was called Cooking with the Sopranos. They made it look like the character of Carmella was the actual author, which I thought was really funny. Even on the back cover, they kept up the whole charade by making up a little bio for her... "Carmella Soprano is a homemaker in New Jersey and has two children. This is her first book." What the hell is that about?

The best thing about the trip to Borders was getting to sit next to this really weird lady in the cafe. She was telling her friend how she was certain that she was going to be discovered on American Idol (she was also 48 years old) and that even though she "couldn't put on a two hour show" she was able to do a song or two. After a few more minutes, she started singing Barbara Streisand songs REALLY LOUDLY- I had no idea what to do. It was hilarious, but I didn't want to jump up and run away or laugh at her. I ended up hiding behind my book and waited till the encore song to leave.

Oh crap- I'm watching Star Trek right now and just missed George Clooney win his Oscar. DAMN IT!! He was so funny before during the pre-show when he was stuck talking to creepy Isaac Mizrahi. At least Isaac didn't try to grab George's junk...


Check out Natalie Portman rapping on SNL last night:

**update- NBC ordered to remove all the SNL clips citing copyright infringement**

Finally, congrats to Rich Franklin and Georges St. Pierre for last night's UFC wins and welcome back BJ Penn!!

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  1. Ahh, Borders, my favorite place!! That ladys sounds really weird - I don't know how you managed not to laugh when she launched into Streisand. I saw that cookbook too - funny.