Sunday, March 12, 2006

I must have uneven arms...

SO, this is kind of strange- I finished my modified minisweater yesterday and it looks pretty good, but the arms are uneven in length. Actually, let me rephrase that - my arms (the ones connected to my body ), not the sweater's arms are uneven in length! I don't think I'm tilting or anything when I try the sweater on and I have remeasured the sweater arm lengths about 10 times. I've folded it in half and it's perfectly symmetrical. I am not. :) I find this hilarious, and not a big deal, since I can fix the sleeves when I block. However, I feel weird that I will be changing it to a "defective" state, rather than fixing its defects. Oh well- that will just make it custom, right?

I also started a shrug from the Lion Brand Vintage book, using R** H**** SoftYarn in a deep wine color. I'm a little worried that it will end up with that cheap yarn haze- keep your fingers crossed for me.

Finally- I decided to make my grandmother some handmade stationary. She's an old-school letter writer, and her last note to me was on some uncharacteristically generic stationary, so I need to step in and give her something stylish. I picked up some of those handmade blank note cards from Michael's- they're white, but have a small amount of flecking on them (still subtle, they don't scream, "hey, i'm handmade"), some Paton's lacette in cream caress (ridiculous name), and some tiny little clothespins from the scrapbook aisle. My plan is to make the teeny sweater and sock from Last Minute Handmade Gifts and use the clothespins to clip them to the front of the note cards. I'm excited- I know she'll think this is really cool and different, and she'll actually use them. Now, to find the time to knit 4 tiny sweaters and 4 tiny socks...

The Sopranos is back on tonight and I don't have HBO- can someone fill me in on what happens?

***update*** check out this FURRY LOBSTER that they have discovered in the south Pacific. It has silky blond hair! Weird!!


  1. *One of Tony's soldiers hangs himself because he wasn't allowed to "retire" to Florida (plus he was having major family problems and his owns issues of emasculation)

    *Anthony Jr. is still nasty looking as ever and now he has greasy long hair to boot

    *Carmela's, new mansion is delayed because they used pine as supports (thanks to her dad who is 50 years behind the times)

    *Things are still tense but somewhat workable between the NY and NJ families

    *Tony and Carmela cannot stop eating at a new sushi restaurant

    *Tony's sister has a baby and is still surly and vindictive as ever

    *Uncle Junior is falling quickly into dementia. Tony doesn't want to put him in a group home which is what everyone else wants. At the end of the episode, Uncle Junior mistakes Tony for an intruder and shoots him. Tony is able to dial 911 but then passes out from the wound.

  2. hey, don't feel bad. My mom used to complain all the time that my shoulders were uneven when she was trying to make dresses for me when i was little. She told me I needed to carry heavy bags on my left shoulder to bring it down to be even with my right. Your minisweater is now Custon Made in addition to being handmade - a great benefit to dIY! BTW, even if you didn't modify the minisweater's sleeves, I'll bet that no one but you would notice the difference in sleeve length...

  3. yuck! the furry lobster is nasty!!!

    i love your idea for notecards. i'm sure she'll love it. i really should write more letters ...

  4. Oh,McSpazz- that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. It totally made me think of something my mom would say. It must be an Asian mom thing. Lisa, do you agree?

  5. Yes, I agree with you Kym...except our Asian mothers would have said it was OUR fault and that we needed to be better daughters.