Friday, March 31, 2006

Douchebaggery, Part Deux

So I went on a Girls Night Out tonight with 6 of my friends. We try to have these whenever we can, but because we all have busy schedules, pinning down one night can be tough. After an extremely long email thread, we made our reservations something like 8 weeks in advance.

After sitting down at our table, we started catching up and laughing at this and that and end up getting into an altercation with the yuppie jerks sitting at the next table. They objected to our "cackling" and since we refused to have a whisper-based conversation among 7 people, thought we were rude and obnoxious. One of them actually stood up to tell us off.

After we calmly tried to reason with them that it's unrealistic for a group of 7 people to have to whisper across the table they call over the 20 year old manager to complain. Didn't they have to take a class in conflict negotiation before they were hired for their khaki-pants jobs? Perhaps the manager was a frat brother...

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god....I'm glad I wasn't there. There would have been one loud ghetto asian with a blade in those frat boys faces. West Side Story-style!

    Where in the world did you go that yuppies wanted peace and quiet??? Aren't yuppies usually a bit louder than most people?