Thursday, March 30, 2006

Douchebaggery of the day

So during the course of the day, I had the following wisdom bestowed upon me by a repeat middle aged male customer:

"Women, when they get pregnant, go through these documented hormonal changes. They really shouldn't be making any important decisions during this time. Kym, if you ever get married and have kids, you should remember this."


And no, this male customer is not Tom Cruise.
(Hormones are just a myth made up by glib people anyway, right?)

In related goofiness- the army would rather its soldiers be uniformly unprotected while fighting in Iraq, and banned the use of privately purchased armor. Why not err on the side of safety, Mr. Rumsfeld, and get our soldiers the armor they need?


  1. Ah, but did you also know that the Army is also billing the troops for any armor or weapons that get damaged during combat????? One soldier received a bill from the Army for close to $5000.....after the humvee was hit with artillery fire. WTF is that nonsense? We "saved" your life now pay us back? This is one of the million reasons why I left ROTC.

  2. btw: cute gamera pointer!