Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Snowman, Clap, & Mr. Pinchy

Sorry I've been really stingy with posting lately- I've been so busy with school that I haven't had very much free time at all. Actually, I was going to post these photos on Monday, but Blogger kept getting stuck when I was uploading them, and then when I finally got them uploaded, I blew a fuse and lost the post...

Here is the cool snowman that we built after the snowstorm last week- we ended up getting 18 inches:

The snowman is representing NJ in a Hunka Bunka hat and Entenmann's with chocolate donut eyes. If you don't get the connection between NJ & Hunka Bunka, consider it a good thing. It means you never had to go clubbing in Sayreville, the hometown of Bon Jovi. :)

Here is last week's progress on the Clap. It's totally inaccurate now, since I'm already through 2 repeats of the decrease rows, but I'm too lazy to take another photo. The next picture I post will be before and after blocking, which I will hopefully do tomorrow.

Hmm, I don't really have much else to talk about tonight, since I won't bore you with details on law school related stuff. Oh, actually, I am interested in checking out Bloglines, but I don't really understand how it works. Can someone explain it to me? Does it just give you a heads up when a particular blog has a new post or does it actually deliver the post to you like email?

Finally, here is what happens when a turtle and a lobster see each other for the first time:

I like how Gamera looks like he's going to kick the lobster's ass. He's like - you better not get any closer, Mr. Pinchy...

Tomorrow we are going to some museums and dinner, for a belated Valentine's Day outing. I will try to remember the camera...


  1. I love your little snowman!!! Using Entenman's for eyes is absolutely brilliant. Clap is almost done, hurrah, and looking so pretty. Can't wait to see it post-blocking. Bloglines seemed really confusing to me too, but it isn't at all. No, it does not e-mail posts to you. Once you sign up, you can download a little notifier that sits in your toolbar. It well beep and tell you "2 new items" or whatever, and you click it. The bloglines website comes up, and the blogs with new posts are shown in bold. You click and can read them on the bloglines screen, or click them again and new window opens with the blog. It's easy - give it a try, you'll wonder how you lived without it!!

  2. Thanks!

    wow- that's relly cool. i think i will sign up for it this weekend, because my system of just repeatedly checking is not very efficient :)

  3. You stole Mr. Pinchy! The last time I saw him, I was giving him a hot bath to soak in....

  4. cute pic. the clapotis looks wonderful! perfect for the freezing temps.

    and i dunno what hunka bunka means. : (

  5. Huh, i was going to explain the bloglines thing, but karen did such a great job, and also managed to explain a feature that I didn't know existed! Definitely go for it, so it will make your life much easier.

    Can't wait to see the finished pic of your clap...

    BTW, I've been thinking this entire time that you lived in San Diego and so the snow pictures REALLY confused me. Yes, I smoke crack on a regular basis. Explains how so much of my notions come out of nowhere.