Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Sorry- no pictures today :( I'm home sick and really disheveled --I figure the newly blocked clap deserves at least a showered model. I think I caught something this weekend when we went out. We ended up going to the aquarium, because I thought it was too cold to do the museum hopping I originally planned. There were SO MANY kids packed in to the building- I kept getting smacked in the head by random babies riding on their parents shoulders, so I blame my cold on them.

This is weird for me- I'm the kind of person who doesn't get colds, so I'm kind of pissed off since it's messing up my schedule. I came home from school last night feeling pretty bad and when Le Fiance took my temperature, it was 102.7 ! I thought the thermometer was messed up, so I made him take his temperature and then take mine again. He said that if it had gone up any higher, he would have taken me to the hospital. Luckily it didn't after I took some asprin & stuff.

I started the little cami from the cover of Vintage Knits. It seems like a much more mindless knit than the short sleeved sweater that I started and threw out last month, so I think I'll have more luck this time.


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

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  2. If you're feeling better, you should go to your local IHOP tomorrow (Sunday)for free pancakes. I think they're free until 2:00 pm....check the citypaper.


    DAMN IT- I missed them! I didn't read your post in time. Grrrr.

    Le Fiance said it's probably a good thing that i didn't know because i would have put IHOP out of business :)

  4. Let it be known that Asians are the best when it comes to overeating food they love. And not gain a single pound...heh heh.