Friday, February 03, 2006

No tickey, no weird store combination

No progress pics today- I figure that a Clapotis-in-progress doesn't exactly make for a thrilling documentary. I'm almost halfway through, but I'm starting to get really bored. I had to stop myself from casting on a tank top from Vintage Knits and stay focused on the Clap before it ends up on the WIP pile...

I had a meeting with my law school mentor today - on our way to the coffee shop, we stopped at the adjoining dry cleaner to pick up her stuff. While we were inside, I noticed that this was not only a dry cleaner, but also a place that makes keys and sells neckties. What a bizarre combination of services! Le Fiance and I were trying to come up with other odd store combinations and came up with these ideas:

*bait store/ nail salon/ pizza parlor

*taffy factory/ cat groomer/ woodworking shop

*bakery/ plumbing supply/ pharmacy

What other weird combination stores have you actually seen? Any ideas for weird stores?


  1. there's a place in my neighborhood called "mailboxes inc." that can mail things, make photos copies, take passport photos -- and approve divorces. weird.

  2. that is really weird- i love random stuff like that... i wonder if those stores just start out specializing in one thing and then just keep adding stuff, or if they are weirdly mixed from the beginning?

  3. hmmm... I can understand the neckties, but the keys?

    how's law school going? I take it finals went well- obviously you survived and went back for more punishment :)

  4. school is going pretty well, thanks for asking! I have an additional class this semester, with a prof who likes to assign a looooot of reading, so it's hectic. Oh, well- it will make for a good story when I'm old and grey and had to walk to law school uphill both ways with no shoes...

    How is school going for you?