Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Whole lot of baby going on...

As you may recall, I had lots of gifts to knit up for several of our friend's babies (and, as I found out yesterday, there are two more babies on the way!!) and so this week, I finally finished them. This was some intense knitting- school starts again on Monday, so I needed to crank these out before classes and homework edge out yarn time.

Here is the infamous Hoover blanket, on its way to keeping Baby Tyler cozy:

This was supposed to be a matching hat and sweater set for Baby Emma- because of the lack of DK weight chocolate brown infant-appropriate yarn, I had to use worsted weight for the sweater, resulting in a bigger sweater that she'll have to grow into. Oh well. I can always make her a little pink headband or something, or maybe another pink hat.

Aren't the buttons cute? They're actually little beads for making bracelets.


Here is a picture from Christmas Eve in my future in-law's backyard. We had just gone to Modell's to buy Giants schwag to watch the game and wouldn't you know it- they got destroyed. That's fine- they still made the playoffs, so I was able to wear my jersey to work on Tuesday and remind my co-workers how much their team sucks :)

Oh, by the way- Le Fiance's skullie is also finished, but the camera's memory card was purged last night, so I have to get the photo off his laptop. It is one hot hat :)

We watched The Princess Bride last night while eating dinner and drinking wine in front of the fireplace. What else could you ask for in an evening? :)

I have to buy the soundtrack from Amazon- I want to use Buttercup's theme song for when I walk down the aisle at our wedding and the Storybook Love song (from the credits) as our first dance. It's a special movie for us- we watched it on our first date and had our first kiss during the credits.


  1. Wow! Your baby knits look great! I love the Hoover blanket & that sweater is adorable!

    Oh & your princess bride story is so sweet! I love that movie & what a great idea to incorporate it into your wedding.

    It just made me laugh to think of what our wedding would have sounded like if we had done that.

    On our first date we watched "the good, the bad and the ugly". :)

  2. I don't know what's cuter - the baby stuff you knitted or the wonderful Princess Bride story and how the soundtrack is worked into your wedding. How wonderful and special!!!!

  3. the blanket, sweater and hat are so sweet and adorable! love the heart buttons. and the baby will grow into the sweater -- it's better to have it bigger than have the child grow out of it in a jiffy.

    love your princess bride story.

  4. Will there be Rodents of Unusual Size to attack unsuspecting guests? Because if so, I'm soooo there.

    Anybody want a peanut?

  5. Thanks for all the kind words everybody!!

    Sa- By the way, the ROUS are going to be ushers... finding tuxes for them is going to be tough :)