Sunday, January 15, 2006

No pics today :(

I was hoping to have some more pictures to post today of the vintage sweater, but I had to rip out a good 2-1/2" to fix increase mistakes :( Oh well. That's ok, I think that it should be pretty quick to re-do. The pattern is pretty easy to memorize so hopefully I will have something to show you by the end of the week.

I just finished my first week back at school and I can't believe how much the extra class sucks up so much time- Bleh. I'm taking Contracts II, Civ Pro II, Legal Analysis II and Torts. Days are very long now with school back in- I have two classes a night Monday thru Thurday. I think this will be a high caffeine intake semester :)

This week coming up should be pretty full- I have to go to an extra TA session on Wednesday, Westlaw training on Thursday and a meeting with my mentor on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing my mentor- it's been a couple of months since we've had a chance to catch up.


I saw a really amazing documentary on Frontline called Country Boys. I highly encourage everyone to either rent it once it is released on DVD or you can watch the entire film on the Frontline homepage. It's a coming of age story of two teenage boys, Chris and Cody, who are struggling through their high school years in rural Kentucky. Chris comes from a very disfunctional home- his father is an alcoholic and dying of cirrhosis and his mom basically treats him as the meal ticket (she uses his disability Social Security check to pay their bills). Cody's stepfather shot his stepmother and then killed himself when he was younger; his mother died when he was a small child.

The film really made me appreciate the emotional support of my parents. Maybe they didn't understand me very much at that age, and we fought A LOT but they always told me that I could do anything that I wanted and that they would be proud of me no matter what. The difference between the two boys in the film is that Cody has the love and support of a grandmother and a girlfriend (whom he later marries) and her family. He ends up thriving. Chris, on the other hand, has virtually no family that supports him (except his little sister)- he and his father don't really talk to each other even though they live together, and his mother literally encouraged him to lie about giving another student drugs (I forget what the logic behind that was) to the principle at school so that he can keep receiving SSI checks she can use for her car payment. He barely gets by.


In knitting news, I just started on the cropped pullover from this month's Vogue Knitting ( which has a scary Lion Brand ad as the cover). I ended up frogging the ballet tee. I just didn't like the colorway on that pattern- it does work really well on the pullover though.

PS- UFC ULTIMATE FIGHT NIGHT IS TOMORROW NIGHT- I guarantee an exciting match.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I also saw that country boys show. It was very sad for the one kid but I felt happy that things worked out for Cody. You should also check out another show made by the same guy. It's called something like the farmers wife I think. There was some controversy over how real the story was and that there may have been some creative editing, but it's a really interesting show.

  2. Torts ROCK!

  3. you're a dork.


  4. That was an intentional tort. I'm telling.....