Sunday, January 22, 2006

Clapotis, take two

After having a rough day at work on Friday, I decided to come home and relax by working a couple of rows of the Vintage Sweater. Bad idea!! Had I been paying actual attention, I would have realized that on the row I had left off on the previous day had a glaringly bad error. It would have been easily fixable at that point- however, I didn't see it and just kept plugging away, until I was about two inches past the mistake. I was so pissed at myself that, instead of ripping back for the 4th or 5th time, I cut the yarn and THREW IT OUT. I was furious at myself for not paying attention. I thought afterwards that I might have regretted acting so hastily, but I actually haven't really thought about it.

I think I'm too busy to really do anything but a semi- mindless project right now - I need something that I can use to relax. Therefore, I have decided to re-attempt Clapotis:

You may recall that the last time I attempted Le Clap, I was trying to use two strands of KnitPicks Shimmer, which did not work. This time, I am trying Atacama by Aroucania Yarns in color # 501. It's 100% alpaca and manufactured by the same company that made the yarn for Le Fiance's skullie. The color in this photo is only semi-acurate. It doesn't show you the distinction between the mid-tone pink and the really pale, almost white pink. It's a little on the Valentine's Day side, but I think it's pretty cool. I can't wait to see what it looks like one I start dropping stitches :)

I went to Old Navy yesterday after buying the Clap yarn and picked up some sweet deals. I got a jacket for only $8 and a pair of those velour sweatpants for $7. Le Fiance got tons of cool stuff- he ended up buying way more than me. A real shopper- the only man for me :)

Speaking of my man- he came in 1st runner up in the CG Talk 3-D competition out of almost 14,000 entries!!!!!!!!!! Check out his piece- I personally think he should have won- he was robbed! (I would post the pic below, but the file is gigantic, so you have to click on the link to see it- you can also read the "history" behind the image). Awesome job baby! You rock.

Also- check this out- one of my best friends, Carol was featured in the New York Times Arts & Leisure section last week:

That giant photo is of her installation at "The Wrong Gallery" in 2004. How cool is that? Go Carol!!


  1. wow, that yarn is SO COOL! very nice, very nice! that'll make a very pretty clapotis, indeed :) too bad about the vintage sweater mistake :( but i'm sure you'll get it back on track. you have a lot done already, so just keep chugging along! Good luck!

  2. Oh, how sad about your Vintage Sweater. It must have REALLY pissed you off to get you so aggrivated that you threw it out!!! So sorry. But Clapotis is coming out so beautiful!!! The yarn is so pretty!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    I was so so so pissed at the vintage sweater (well, at myself really), but in the car the other day, i was trying to figure out how to make it in one piece a la Stefanie Japel...

    Till then, there is the CLAP!!!

  4. Sorry about your vintage sweater!! I have had an experience like that myself so I can totally relate to the suckiness!

    Your clap is looking lovely!!