Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Minisweater, Reloaded, Redux

So, as you may have guessed from the title, I ripped out the minisweater and made a few changes:

I added the yarn over seams (like in the last edition) and made it a pullover v- neck instead of a button front. You can't tell from the picture, but the bottom of the sweater ends exactly where the photo ends. I added a row of YO's before an inch of ribbing, just for a little extra detailing.

Here's the rundown on the pattern changes I made:

- I eliminated the garter stitch altogether for the border (I'm going to add a one inch ribbed border to the neck and sew it on at the end).

-I cast on 40 stitches instead of 50 and increased every other row by two stitches until I ended up with 50. This made the v- neck more gradual and normal looking- the last time I made the sweater, I didn't like the squared off corners that were made by casting on 50.

-I completely disregarded the extra increases in the sleeves, which made them fitted, rather than poufed.

-The bottoms of the long sleeves will have 1 inch of ribbing.

What do you think? We like-y.


If you frequent this blog, you may have noticed that I like to photograph my UglyDoll engaging in various activities. Well, I also like to doodle him in cool outfits:


Something weird happened after class tonight- I was walking towards the parking lot and one of those police helicopters flew overhead. I don't think anything of it until the copter turns on its search light and hovered directly over the lot, scanning it row by row. Then the guy comes on the loudspeaker and said something like, "We know you're down there." What's up with that? Who are they looking for? I'm hoping maybe it was a runaway cat or perhaps it was an innocent police version of hide and seek. That's possible, right? :)

Finally, check out the addictive celebrity candids site Hollywood Rag and its NYC buddy CityRag.


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  2. Sa- i had to delete your comment. You can't put my location out on the web.


  3. Your mini-sweater is looking great! I love the additional yo's! I can't wait to see it all finished & pretty!

  4. I really like your mini-sweater. I'll have to remember that not doing the extra increases in the sleeve yields non-pouffy sleeves. That's what always bothered me about the pattern up until now. v. cute.

    Are you sure you weren't doing anything suspicious???

    Hope you have a good holiday and that you get a break from school!