Monday, November 14, 2005

i found some jeans!!!

Well, here is some exciting news- I found some cool jeans that actually fit!! Thank you all for your jean advice :) I never realized that shopping for jeans was such a hot topic, especially for we petite girls! I had tried on many a pair this weekend with no luck until this afternoon. I picked up a pair of Wet Seal's "Dazzler" in the dark tint. These are great- they are a little bit stretchy and don't expect your waist to be the same size as your ass (as nature intended, of course). Best of all, they come in short lengths. No wait, I take that back- best of all, they were only $20!! Score.

I did a little bit of knitting this weekend, but nothing very noteworthy since I spent today working on citation exercises for school. Ugh. Those are the WORST. Remember how much you hated having to figure out APA or MLA citations for research papers? These are even more annoying *banging head against desk*

Anyway, I ripped out the Postmodern legwarmer because I really prefer to knit them in the round. I'm just not a fan of hand sewing/ seaming (can you tell? I still haven't put the straps and elastic on my Lelah top!), so if I can avoid it I will. I also continued on Le Fiance's skullie from Hip to Knit.

I really want one of those little shrugs with the big paillettes all over it, so I'm trying to figure out how to make my own verson. I was thinking of using Stefanie Japel's minisweater pattern and just making the sleeves less poufy. I'm not quite sure how to attach the paillettes. I mean, would you just have to sew them on or would you string them on like you would for beads? If you string them on, how do you know how many you will need?? Hmm. I will have to give this more thought.

I STILL need to finish Cathode! I'm such a procrastinator- adding that little bit of brown along the split collar seems daunting for some reason.

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  1. thanks for the jeans tip! i'm all over that one now that you mentioned it :)
    as for the paillettes, i've read somewhere that you could maybe string them on a complementary color thread and knit them on as you go.
    the good thing about having them on a thread separate from the yarn is that you can add more as you go and don't have to worry about how many you have left...vs. pre-threading them directly on the yarn and running out. it's also easier to rip them out if you find you don't like the way it looks. i've inspected several tops in which it seems like the paillettes were applied this way. a downside i can think of is that the thread may break during washing...???
    as far as how many you need, you probably could get away with buying a bunch. if you have too many left over, you can always use them for other projects. or you may find that you only want a few and get away with using them as needed.