Sunday, November 20, 2005

How do I love UFC- let me count the ways...

So most of you don't know this, but I am a HUGE fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship:

I have seen every UFC tournament ever held since it began in 1993. Many people find this somewhat bizarre. UFC still, I believe, has a negative connotation for many people because it used to be famous for its "the only rules are... there are no rules" type- fights. When it first began, it was a much different sport. Like today, it matched mixed martial arts fighters, but it was not really sanctioned by any of the US gaming commissions. Every event was held in a different state and was sometimes even held outside the US. People such as Sen. John McCain wanted the UFC outlawed, going so far as to describe it as the "human equivalent of cock fighting." It was no longer available for a while on pay-per-view.

A few years ago, the UFC went through some major changes, and some new rules were enacted:
-Commission approved gloves Weight classes
-Time limits and rounds
-Mandatory drug testing
-No head butting or kicking to the downed opponent
-No knees to the head of a downed opponent
-No downward point of the elbow strikes
-No strikes to the spine or the back of the head
-No groin or throat strikes
-State Athletic Commission approval in such major states as New Jersey, Nevada, Florida & Louisiana.

Now in its more regulated form, the UFC has become more intense, more competitive, and more mainstream. Why am I telling you all of this? Because last night's event was the greatest night in UFC history. We went to our friends' house for dinner and to watch the fight on their enormous projection screen tv (the fighters were life size. sweet.). Not only were almost all of the fights great, but they announced that two of my favorite fighters were going to have their third rematch: Chuck Liddel and Randy Couture. Not only was that exciting, but then they announced that two more of my favorite fighters were set to be coaches on the UFC reality show: Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock. I was practically jumping out of my seat.

As a joke, we gave this bottle of wine with a photoshop-ed label to our hosts:

(The label reads: UFC Full Force Vineyards- for the refined pallate- Rich Franklin, Middleweight Sommelier. )


In knitting news, I decided to modify Stefanie Japel's minisweater:

I added in these YO's for the seams - I really like the way they look on her Bad Penny sweater:

I'm having a dilemma though- the purling is doing something very weird to the part where the collar and the front border meet. Both sections are curling back on themselves in opposite directions and it does not look good at all. What do you think I should do with this? I was considering frogging the whole thing and starting over, possibly replacing the entire border with stockinette. My other idea was to keep going and then taking a wide olive colored ribbon and sewing it over the entire border and covering it up completely. Does that sound like it would work or would that look even weirder?

Here is my progress on Le Fiance's skullie:

It's coming along well. I love the colorway!

Sorry I've been so stingy with posts the past few weeks- school has been keeping me busy.


  1. what is that fantastic yarn you're using for le fiance's scully? starfish would totally dig those colors...
    i like that bad penny sweater too. i started on it, but found out i didn't have enough yarn. bummer...sent it to the frog pond. but i do like those raglan seams!!! tre chic!
    i don't keep up much with the UFC stuff anymore (it was a phase that came and went like college), but i do know those names. kick ass!

  2. Thanks!! I'm glad you like the colorway- it's Araucania Nature Wool in black/ grey and I got it at AC Moore. I think it may have been the only masculine looking yarn in the entire section :)

    I might just frog it- I really have to finish my other WIPS before starting anything new. Such knitting attention disorder (KAD).

  3. haha...i am a below average speed knitter with maybe 8 hours of knitting time at best per week. i anticipate the blanket will take the better half of my 24th year of life to complete (and that's thinking as optimistically as possible). eh...dare to dream, right? if all else fails, the boy will at least end up with a really cool pillow ;)

  4. I can't even see the weird curling you're talking about on the collar... hmm, maybe need to get my eyes checked. Do you think it would be something that could be blocked into submission? I can't visualize what you mean by the ribbon solution, so I won't advise doing that. If the collar really bothers you and it doesn't block out, perhaps instead of frogging back to the offending section, perhaps you could cut off the neckline, pick up the freed stitches and work the neckling in the opposite direction?

    Crazy I know. Desperate measures are sometimes warranted, but most likely just desperate. Good luck with making it work!

  5. i don't have any solutions for your collar -- it also looks fine to me. perhaps you're just too harsh a critic? : )

    i have such knitting ADD. i need to finish my friends' presents but keep knitting for me, me, me.

  6. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Wow that sweater is coming along really well. I also love that yarn you are using in the hat. Keep up the good work!

    Ken Shamrock
    -The Lions Den-

  7. thanks ken - not only are you the worlds most dangerous man, but you have some mighty fine taste in knitwear. :)