Saturday, October 08, 2005

you gotta cut me [a slice] Mick!!

We were walking around a new strip mall in our area - the Wegmann's has arrived and has become a mecca of sorts in our neighborhood. Anyway, after running in and out of the overly crowded Wegmann's, which I'm certain was breaking numerous occupancy codes, we noticed that next door was a brand new Carvel ice cream shop!!!

This may seem really ridiculous, but Carvel made my day. For those of you who have never heard of Carvel, they sell the coolest cakes of all time: Fudgie the Whale & Cookiepuss. Oh, and the reason that this was really cool is that I have never seen another Carvel shop since the one in my hometown closed many years ago.

I have fond childhood memories of going to the neighborhood Carvel with my mom every Wednesday (which was the buy 1 get one free day). I always got the same thing- soft serve chocolate with hot fudge. That was over 20 years ago. You would think that since then, maybe I would try a new flavor of ice cream or perhaps an additional topping. Nope. We went into the shop today and I ordered the same thing I did when I was 5 years old. Some things never change.

Actually, one thing changed- the kids behind the counter had no idea what we were talking about when we asked them if they still sold Cookiepuss.

You may wonder what the heck is so great about this cake- he has an ice cream cone for a nose! When you are 5, this is extremely important. Also, they had the WORST 80's commercials for this thing preceding every single holiday where they told you this cake was the perfect gift.

For those of you who listen to Howard Stern, you may remember Fred being mocked mercilessly by the rest of the cast when they found out he bought his mom nothing but a Cookiepuss for Mother's Day. This is what they were talking about...

I think we should buy one for the Halloween party.


  1. oh, i love cookie puss and fudgie the whale! i had a similarly nostalgic experience when i saw my first carvel in years. i hadn't even though of the place since seeing the weird commercials in 1986.

  2. Mmm...Carvel. There's nothing quite like cheap soft-serve ice-cream (preferably smothered in hot fudge or caramel sauce). When we lived within walking distance of one I used to make my boyfriend go every Wednesday. Yum...