Tuesday, October 11, 2005

what's that smell?

OMG- I must share the grossest thing that happened to me today:

So I'm at work and I went outside to tell someone that they had a phone call. A bunch of people are standing around this one pickup truck with incredulous looks on their faces. I went to see what was up & was told that I just had to smell the inside of the truck. Being a rational person, I said no a couple of times because, let's face it- if someone is like "dude, you have to smell this, it smells so bad," it's not exactly the best pitch. Anyway, after the smell was described as "not human," my curiosity got the better of me.

I didn't even put my face all the way inside the cab; it was just flush with the door frame- and I didn't take but the smallest whiff. Holy God- it was the most horrible smell I have ever had the misfortune to smell. Few things can be described as smelling like wide open ass, but this truck was among them. I ran away really quickly, in case it was one of those odors that sticks to you and then you can relive it all day (luckily it wasn't one of those).

Ugh- we should have called one of those crime scene clean up crews, or maybe just set the interior on fire. Oh, and the worst part is that when I got there, the truck had been airing out for about 20 minutes. So GROSS. I think that guy from Dirty Jobs would quit and walk off the show if we stuck him in there, and that's a guy that has shoveled actual raw sewage...

I don't have any knitting pics to share right now- I'm trying to get a bunch of schoolwork finished because we have a wedding to go to this weekend , so I miss over 24 hours of study time.

I tried on Cathode the other day to see how much more bottom ribbing I had left, and it was about 3 more inches. It looked pretty good, although I can't wait to see it with the CC on the cowl part.

Oh, also, I cast on (3rd time) for the voodoo wristwarmers, and after getting finished with the first 1", decided to do the branch pattern from the SnB wristwarmers. Let's just say I'll be casting on a 4th time- I got 11 rows into the pattern and you can't even see it on my dark red yarn. Grrr. I have to stick to the original plan!!


  1. so did you ever find out what was causing the odor?

    I always thought it was strange that people say, oh my god this is so bad, taste it! or smell it! I think it's the empathy that gets the better or us in these situations.

  2. no! it was a totally random- never to be identified except by CSI- horrible smell!!! it even kicked fabreze's ass!!! you couldn't even imagine it, it was that bad...