Saturday, October 01, 2005

wake me up when September ends

The past few days have been busy- and I've been lazy with my camera :)

Yesterday , I went over to A.C. Moore to buy some yarn to start on Cathode, a very impulsive pattern choice. I chose a Bernat Boucle in Misty Shades, and the Moda Dea yarn shown below. Under the store's lighting, these two yarns matched (they weren't the best match, but they were ok); when I brought everything home, the Bernat was a very cool brown, and as you can see, the Moda is a very red brown. You can see where I'm going with this... Anyway, I went back to the store today to return the Bernat (I did a little swatch of it last night and it looked like a teddy bear- not exactly glamorous) and instead bought the mustard Peru merino silk blend below. Why is it so hard to find decent looking acrylics in mustard and chocolate brown??

I'm trying to be, oh what's the word I'm thinking of... frugal, parsimonious, thrifty... oh, yeah- CHEAP. However, since Cathode is such a beautiful pattern, and looks similar to the 'spensive sweaters in InStyle this month, I figured I would get some quality yarn.

I also picked up these colors from Paton's to make the SnB wristwarmers, and some mittens with the leftovers. They will probably look a little Harry Potter (not exactly a bad thing), even though I was really going for that Love Story retro preppy vibe. Love is never having to say you're preppy...

And here is the shawl that I started from the Target $1 yarn. You can't really tell from the photo, but when this stuff is knitted up, it looks like silk. It's actually really beautiful and looks like it would be way more expensive than it is. Go Target!

I also stopped by the Barnes and Noble today and picked up SnB Nation, the current Interweave Knits and the adorable student planner below. The photos inside are hilarious- someone posed a Hello Kitty doll in different scenarios and outfits- it reminded me of something that happened to my firend Lori's grandparents. Some people stole their lawn flamingos and took them on a road trip across the country and when they were finished, returned the flamingos to their yard along with a pack of pictures showing them at the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, etc. Weird wild stuff.

I'm going to cast on for Cathode now and try and get a little bit done before I have to work on school stuff. Get out and enjoy the day everyone- fall has arrived!

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  1. ooo- I love the look of the Peru merino silk- I think those two will go together so well.
    By the way- I totally sympathize with the tendancy to be frugal (cheap) when it comes to buying yarn... but these were excellent buys- enjoy!