Thursday, October 06, 2005

TomKat is having a kitten

So, it seems that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are expecting their first child... check out this photo from a May episisode of Conan O'Brian show. It just happens to be a "Tom & Katie- what if they mated?" pic.

Oh, and Katie, way to stick to your convictions...

Sorry- I know I'm being catty. I just can't help myself when it comes to those two:)

I just got to the bottom ribbing on Cathode- the yarn I'm using for the ribbing is a heavy worsted weight chenille- type. The chocolate brown color + the chenille texture make a really rich combination, but it totally hides the ribbing (which is the OPPOSITE of what the sales person said. Hmmpff). Oh well- I think it will be ok. I should probably finish the bottom ribbing today or tomorrow and then I can try it on and take a picture. I know, I know- I keep promising pictures and then i don't deliver. :) I'll just blame it on school :)

Oh, speaking of school, I met my first year mentor last week and she was awesome. Really down to earth and we seemed to have a lot in common. I actually have to email her- we are supposed to set up a meeting where I can go down to her office and meet some people, etc. I'm pretty excited- I think this will be an interesting experience.

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  1. EEK! Those two are procreating? I guess the rumors that Tommy boy was impotent when he was with Nicole were untrue. Unless of course this is just another publicity ruse and katie actually got knocked up by her gardener or even better, artificially inseminated! Yes, I agree, those two just creep me out.

    Hey, and thanks for your comments on Hopeful. I'm channeling Bree Van de Kamp here and it's driving me nuts, so comments from other people are helping me keep my sanity!