Tuesday, October 25, 2005

so WIP it, WIP it good

I have a few photos to share today, finally:

Here is Cathode- oh so close to being finished:

I was very excited to knit up the Moda Dea Curious. Originally I used it to cast on for the Spiderweb capelet from SnB Nation, but it was not a good choice of yarn for the pattern. You couldn't see the lace pattern at all, so I frogged it and decided to use it for some Postmodern legwarmers. They aren't actually for me- my friend Carol can pull off the coolest punk stuff, so I thought that shredded legwarmers in this fantastic periwinkle color would look awesome on her.

Uh, Carol, if you just read that, just pretend that you didn't - and don't look at this picture!

I still really wanted to work on the Spiderweb capelet after the first failed attempt, so I'm giving it a shot in Paton's Divine. It's my first time using it, so hopefully it will turn out well. I just couldn't resist the fluffiness :)

Oh, and apparently everyone has jumped on the blogging bandwagon:

Also, big news from Lelah at Woolgathered- she is starting a new online knitting magazine and is looking for submissions. Check out her blog and you can get the details. I don't think I will be able to come up with anything to submit for the first issue, but I'm going to try. Maybe a hat would be a good item for my first design attempt...

And there is also bad news from WXRK K-Rock in NYC. They are going to switch over to talk radio once Howard moves to satellite. All those great DJ's that I grew up with are getting the boot, only to be replaced by inexperienced hacks like David Lee Roth. What could he possibly have to say? People want the music!!! Someone needs to save Julie Slater from the unemployment line- please!

Ugh, if I seem insane over this radio thing, it's honestly because I've probably logged more time listening to that station than anything I've ever done. Especially during my first two years of college- since I was an art major and most of my time was spent in the studios painting, I would have my walkman radio (pre- IPOD device) on for the entire day. I would wake up with Howard and continue to listen to him until he was finished around lunch. Then I would listen in between non-art classes and then on the train home. Sigh. That was the life. I can't even imagine how much knitting I could have done on the train back then. That's ok. Actually, I used to read during that time and I would average 2-1/2 books per week. I never get to read for pleasure now. I definitely miss it.


  1. I know what you mean about reading... I used to read for fun like a maniac. Law school kind of ruined that for me- my eyes are typically too tired to focus on words at the end of the day, hence the crazy amount of knitting I do.

  2. Your cathode is looking great! I can't wait to see it finished!

    I've got some pattons divine that I am planning on using for the spiderweb capelet. Now if I could only find the time to start it!

    So many projects so little time!