Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Curses!! Frogged again...

Crap!!! So I messed up the Spiderweb capelet not 2 hours after I posted the picture (and didn't realize the mistake until it was waaaay too late). Another casualty of my knitting related ADD. I cast on AGAIN (#3!) and decided to switch yarns again to something smoother and faster to knit up, since really I should already be finished with it. I picked a simple Paton's merino olve drab- kind of a cool army/ lace combo. Here is my new dilemma though- I don't know if I'm doing the lace correctly.

Has anyone else made this capelet? Do you actually drop the stitch off the needle, a la Clapotis? This is what I have been doing, but something looks weird- like the loop has no where to go. Do I unravel it to the bottom hem like the Clap or do I just leave it alone? I don't want to knit any more of it until I know for sure what I'm supposed to do. Help!!

I also need to start on the Skullie for Le Fiance. I'm the worst future wife ever- I've been promising him this hat for months and now it's almost cold enough to wear a hat. I need to hurry up!

Last but not least- I need suggestions on where short (5'2") girls can buy some kick ass jeans. They need to be on the less expensive side, around 50 bucks, and come in a nice dark wash. I've been looking around and I can't find anything that looks decent.

I tried on a really weird pair at Target that had bizarre butt pockets. The pockets were so low that they bridged your butt with your upper leg. Not a good look- kind of like they were melting and sliding off...

The ones at Wet Seal (which used to be amazing- all of my old pairs have finally worn out) are now so low waisted that they are seriously obscene. I'm not exactly sure who these were designed for. Probably people who do very little bending. Or sitting. Or moving.

Only a few more days till Halloween! Wheeeee!!!!


  1. this day and age, i never underestimate the power of a good belt. the only problem is that most girls nowadays wear their belts OVER their pants, which detracts from the purpose of wearing them in the first place. duh.
    i usually get my jeans from all over. i got a good pair of jeans at macy's. it was a tommy hilfiger pair called the "jill jean." the waist isn't so low and the short length hits just right. (i'm 5'1", btw) i don't know if there's a macy's near you??? funny, starfish (the bf) got me a pair of jordache jeans from walmart that fit pretty good. you could check there...
    yeah, i don't know what happened to wet seal. their blue asphalt jeans used to be great, but now they're not so great.
    i can't shop there or american eagle or a&f because i'd rather spend the money on yarn and because i'm a cutie w/a bootie that can't fit all of my arse into their low rise jeans :(
    you could always try gap or old navy. they are decent, come in short lengths for us "short" gals, and are within your price range.
    pacific sunwear sometimes has some good jeans. i've got a roxy pair and a dickies pair that hold up pretty good.
    though i must say my best and most favorite pair of jeans are my maggies from lucky brand.
    jeez, sorry, i could talk all day about jeans. i have to wear them as part of my "work uniform" so i've done a lot of jeans hunting. :)
    good luck on your hunt!

  2. Oh, jean shopping - it's almost as bad a bathing suit shopping. I hat low-rise, it looks aweful on me, and that really makes it more challenging. I usually do okay at The Gap - but they've changed all their jeans and I'm scared there won't be one to compare with the style that used to fit me perfectly. I'm not sure how many lengths they carry in the stores, but I know they have a lot on line. And you're in NYC, right, so I know you've got the mother of all Macy's - so hopefully Keohinani's tip will pay off for you.

    BTW, how do you like knitting with Divine? I started a ribbed pillow-cover with it month ago and had troble because the fuzzies made it hard to see the ribbing. I haven't given up and frogged it yet - but I also haven't touched it in ages.

  3. hmmm, jean shopping can be right up there with swimsuit shopping on the frustration scale. For me, I usually end up wearing heels to make up for the shortness factor or if it really bothers me, I just cut the bottom off. Grumperina would probably admonish me for such frayed and uncouth appearances, but I don't mind the unfinished ends. If you do, and you have a sewing machine, G has done a lot of hemming on her jeans lately and I'm sure she'd give you a pointer or two.

    I just bought a pair of jeans from the gap for $20 (on sale) that while they were marked Ultra Low rise, they definitely don't have that pelvic bone thing going on with them. They're my new favorite pair of jeans. I haven't yet cut the bottom off though...

    Also, what's the skullie pattern you're trying to make for le fiancee?

  4. Hmm...J. Crew is having a private sale at the moment on their jeans. I'm pretty sure they have short, regular and tall lengths and various fits/washes. Try this link. There are several styles that are around $50.

  5. Ugh, good luck finding jeans or pants this season my small sister. Apparently almost ALL places have added three to five inches to the length. Size 0 or 1 is now built for someone who is 5'5" or taller. WTF? I've had to bite the bullet and just hem the damn things since finding anything ankle-length is so difficult now. If you need to, try on the Gap items and then order the length online instead.

  6. I don't have any recommendations for jeans but I may have some thread that will help with the capelet.

    I'm not sure if you ever check out but they have a ton of knitters with great advice. Here are the threads on the capelet.

    Good luck! I haven't started mine yet but it is moving up my queue!!

    Oh & I can't wait to see pics from Halloween!!

  7. Good luck with the jeans... I've got nothing for you, except aren't some companies starting to make to fit? I bet that's expensive though... anyway, I just wanted to give support about the Skullie Cap- it took a full year for me to make BF a pair of glittens (Broad Street mittens from Knitty) He had to "suffer" an entire winter first... I think he'll appreciate them more >:)

  8. i am short and buy my jeans (and all my pants, really) at express. they have a SLEW of fits, low rise, boot cuts, etc. and i got them under $50.

    i really struggled with the capelet, too, so i'm no help there.