Sunday, October 16, 2005


Holy crap is it chilly outside!! I know that I have been waiting patiently for sweater weather, but now it's sweater + jacket weather. Oh well- that just gives me an excuse to drink even more fall flavors coffee...

I haven't had much time to knit this week- I had lots of stuff to do for school and we went to my friend Cara's wedding yesterday. It was a great party and she looked gorgeous. I started tearing up after half of the bridesmaids walked down the aisle- by the time Cara appeared, I was a wreck. What an emotional dork I am. I better figure out how to hold it together for my wedding- the last thing I want is to be in all of the pictures with my hideous cry-face. It's really bad...

I did however, get the chance to finish one of my voodoo wristwarmers on Friday before bed:

I like how the perspective in this photo makes my hand look gigantic :)

I bought almost all of the stuff I need for my Halloween costume (refer to post titled I really have to get started on that time machine...) . Target was a wealth of ingredients. I found a huge men's shirt in exactly the lime green I was looking for, as well as an electric purple pair of tights (who wears this stuff when it's not being used for costumes?) as well as some fake plastic body parts in the $1 section. The body parts are just for fun- they aren't part of the costume.

I started to make the head piece out of some styrofoam pieces that I found at Michael's. I'm all set to paint it, but I thought there was something that you could buy that fills in all the syrofoam holes (so you end up with a smooth surface). Does anyone know what that stuff is called? The head piece I'm making is going to be green, so I don't really want to look like I made it out of floral oasis...


  1. I can't wait to see your costume!! I don't know what the foam filler is called -sorry!

    Your wristwarmers look great! I need to get started on some. It's gotten quite chilly here too (at least in the AM) & they are so nice to have in the cold car!!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to finish the other one. My home office (where my computer is) is one of the colder rooms in the house- I definitely need something to keep my hands warm when I'm typing!