Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bill O'Reilly's obnoxious factor

Now, this is kind of nerdy, but every day I TiVo Regis and Kelly to watch while I'm knitting at the end of the evening. It's a good pre-bed show to watch for the simple reason that nothing controversial ever happens to get me fired up (and subsequently, unable to fall asleep). This was not the case tonight as I watched Bill O'Reilly being interviewed. When asked whom he thought would be running in the next presidential election, he replied, "McCain and Clinton." Fair enough. When Kelly said that she wished to see Rice and Clinton face off, he said, "how many more women? you just had a supreme court nominee." Are you kidding me? Oh, that's right. Our gender had fulfilled the government quota. Unbelievable.

Maybe Bill is right. Maybe we females should do what we're best at- calling up our employees repeatedly and sexually harassing them. Oh, my bad, that's the activity at which bill O'Reilly is best.


I just passed the sleeve separation on Cathode. I will take a picture to post as soon as I can. It's all sort of squished onto a short cabled circular, so you can't really see anything. After I get a little bit further, I'm going to transfer the body to some scrap yarn so I can try it on. Hopefully it will fit- I adjusted the pattern according to SnB's directions on how to substitute a different gauge and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh and I must tell you- Le Fiance is so sweet. We were at Barnes and Noble tonight and as a little gift for working hard in school, he bought me Teva Durham's Loop d Loop :) I'm going to be busy this season.


  1. what a total jerk that guy is. it's hard to fathom. can't wait to see cathode and the arm warmers!

  2. i know!!! i was so pissed off - i sent this info over to the people at defamer. maybe they'll publish it and everyone will know of his jerkiness.

  3. Can't believe he'd go on national TV to offend half the population. Can he really be that dumb?

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  5. Hey, I'm not all bad. I like to have fun too- i enjoy kicking small puppies and tripping little old ladies as they cross the street.