Saturday, October 22, 2005

back from the great beyond aka the library

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost an entire week. I've been so busy that I've either had nothing of interest to talk about or I haven't been able to knit anything.

I met with my mentor for coffee yesterday. She's so sweet- I really lucked out. I went down to her office to meet her and it wasn't at all what I pictured a large law firm would look like. It was such a ... normal office :) And it was a very casual Friday- everyone was wearing jeans!

I wish you could have seen me trying to just get from the parking garage to the office- it was a joke. First, I emerged from the elevator (from the garage) into one of the two main buildings that occupy this block, and I am just wandering around trying to figure out which direction is which. Then, after figuring out that its the other building that I need to be in, I look for the elevators. There are about a dozen elevators, but only half of them go to the first 10 floors and the other half go to the upper 10 floors. For some reason, I thought that it was like the elevator system in the World Trade Center (where you take 1 elevator to about midway and then change elevators to go the rest of the way). Yeah, not the case here. I end up on the 6th floor, get out, and the door closes before I realize my mistake. There is nothing on this floor except for bare drywall and two locked doors. I had to wait for a bit for another elevator to come and take me to the first floor and switch to the right elevator. I was such a pain in the ass. It really should be the test you take to pass the bar. You can always look up a law in a book, but you can't look up the right way to get up to your office!

I'm almost done with Cathode! Just a few more rows of ribbing on one sleeve, and the ribbing for the other sleeve and yoke. Finally!!

I also went to A.C. Moore and JoAnn's today and got some really cool stuff. I got 2 balls of Lion Brand Landscapes to make the flapper hat, 3 balls of Moda Dea Curious in Lapis to make a little capelet, and a skein of Araucania Nature Wool in black/ grey for a skull cap for Le Fiance. I will post some photos tomorrow- I have to charge the camera.

Tomorrow I get to sit in the law library again all afternoon doing research for my second memo. Ugh. I can't wait until they take the restrictions off of our Lexis and WestLaw accounts... especially because then I will get more points towards my Coach bag!

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