Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The new issue of Knitty is up!!! Sweater weather is just around the corner...

I was tagged for the first time :) !! by Karen at Musings of a (Mostly) Self Taught Knitter

TEN YEARS AGO: I was a junior high school and was about to buy my first car- a burgundy Firebird… With ground effects… And a leopard print scrunchy hanging from the rear view. Friends debuted. Office Space was released in theatres to become one of my future favorite movies.

FIVE YEARS AGO: I met the man of my dreams and finished my art degree in my favorite place in the entire world- NYC. Reality tv was just starting out. Oh, and no one died from the Y2K thing.

ONE YEAR AGO: I decided I wanted to go to law school and so the lawyer jokes began… Endless applications, LSAT prep tests, and lack of SLEEP.

FIVE SNACKS: CAKE!!!, Pancakes (a variation of cake), coffee (yes, it's a beverage, but it still counts!!), Ben & Jerry's, poppy seed bagels with lox and cream cheese. Yum!

FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: Tomorrow by Silverchair, 95% of all Beatles songs, Come Sail Away by Styx, What I Got by Sublime, Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses

FIVE THINGS I WOULD DO WITH $100 MILLION: 1. Drop out of law school and paint and knit instead 2. buy my dream brownstone in Greenwich Village 3. Make a large donation to AMFAR 4. Invest for my family's future 5. start a college scholarship fund for high school art students (with no annoying "leadership" requirements!)

FIVE PLACES TO RUN AWAY TO: My cozy couch with Le Fiance, New York, Jersey Shore, Europe, the great outdoors (but only if it's between 65-80 degrees and there's plenty of bug spray)

FIVE THINGS I WOULD NEVER WEAR: W merchandise, high waisted jeans, a reindeer jumper, Members Only jacket, a mullet

FIVE FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Friends, Sex and the City, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Ultimate Fighting Champion, Family Guy

FIVE BIGGEST JOYS: Life in general with Le Fiance, being creative, learning new things, not having to prepare for the next day's class on Thursday nights, making up voices for my pets

FAVORITE TOYS: Internet, coffee machine, TiVo, magazines, knitting/ art suppliesFIVE PEOPLE TO PASS THIS ON TO: Leah at
Use your hands, Lelah at Woolgathered, Kristine at Strung Out, Sally at Sew Crafty, and Carrie at Every Word's a Purl. Tag, you're it...


  1. Your braching out is looking good! Nice crock pot! I love it in red! I was so excited to find them in non country charm colors. Mine is stainless steel! I use mine for both cooking & yarn dying since I only dye with kool aid/ frosting dye.

    On the formatting issue did it change after you added anything? My only thought is if you added a picture or link that is too big for the template. If that was the case it couldn't exist with your sidebar stuff so it would make all your posts start below your sidebar.

  2. Oh & I meant to say I LOVE the new knitty too! I think it is my favorite issue so far!!

  3. oh my god- leah you RULE. i guess the red cross picture that i downloaded from the red cross website was too big for the template. that's so weird, becuase before i put it in, i tested it a couple times and it was fine. weird.

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. Hi, You've been tagged with a meme. Have fun, questions are on my blog. Your blog is cool (I'm a Sex and the City fan and love your play on words and the Cosmo!!!)