Saturday, September 10, 2005

Right round like a record, baby

My hand spinning class ROCKED. I didn't buy a spindle today, though- the store's new shipment of spindles wasn't in yet, so they only had bottom whorls and I wanted a top. I think I will order the Spin It kit from eBay- it contains Lee Raven's book, a spindle, and 2 oz. of roving. That should keep me busy for a little while.

One of the girls I met at the class runs a local knitting group. I'm trying to decide if that would be a worthwhile thing to check out considering the fact that I can't knit and talk at the same time. Maybe if I bring a really boring pattern... no, that sucks too. Who wants to intentionally look for a boring pattern?

Here is a question for experienced hand spinners- what is the difference between hand carders and those slicker brushes that they sell in the pet store? They look awfully similar, especially to those on a grad student's budget...

I saw something really cool today- retro embroidery kits from Sublime Stitching. The best part about these kits?? They have a set of "Darling Dachshunds" -- how cool is that?? **DACHSHUNDS ROCK!!**

Actually, a customer brought in a mini dachund to my work yesterday and it was so cute I wanted to just hug it and take it home. He left little black paw prints on my khaki pants, but they were so funny looking that I couldn' possibly get mad. It made me miss my dachshund (he lives with my parents). :(

Speaking of school, I'm on my way to a study group meeting. Yes- it's Saturday night and I'm now officially pathetic :)

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  1. oh, study group on saturday night?? that is sad. we did it, too, though... to make ourselves more cool we thought of a groovy name other than "study group"... i think it was something like "avril lavigne fan club."

    good luck with school, not that you need it... :)