Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oprah says shame on me

Oprah- you can' t have it both ways. Either you want special treatment for being Oprah or you don't. Telling the country that you don't want special treatment and then whining about not getting it from Hermes is celebrity hypocracy at its finest...

"Everybody who's ever been snubbed because you were not chic enough or the right class or the right color or whatever — I don't know what it was — you know that that is very humiliating and that is exactly what happened to me"

As a former retail worker, let me explain something to you. If you get into the store before it closes at 7pm, of course no one is going to kick you out at precisely 7. If you get to the front door at 7:15, you have come after the store is closed. Those people inside continuing to shop- they weren't being treated as though they were of a higher class than you- they showed up when the store was STILL OPEN. And every second they were still in the store, I can guarantee you the employees were silently thinking to themselves, "when are these people going to finish shopping? I have a life of my own."

So Oprah, you may say shame on me for saying that you were "upset for not being able to get into a clothes store and buy a purse," but I must say to you- Let it go!!

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  1. here, here! i agree! ah, fame. it's a double-edged sword.